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The official account for the Panch Mahotsav - the celebration of culture. The festival is held in Champaner, Gujarat. 22 Dec 2018 to 26 Dec 2018.

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A thanks giving letter was given for organising a special tour for 'Divyang students' followed by art workshop as a part of Panchmahotsav-2018.
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Gandhi School of Deaf & Dumb Special tour followed by Art Workshop by Ms. Deepika Choksi Tent City. 
We still have few activities and Tent city available for 5 days.  Hurry up.  Visit our website right now.
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Missing new year eve vibes? What if you're said you can still experience it?  Yes,  that's right.  Experience the amalgamated vibe of new year and makarsankranti at Tent City of Panchmahotsav-2018. 
Available only for few days. 
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Only 10 days left.  Tent city is available only till 15th Jan 2019. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your stay with family and friends. Have your tent booked right now. Visit our website
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Watch what Kinjal Dave has to say about Tent City and Panchmahotsav-2018. What are you waiting for? 
Book now.  Tent City available only for few days. Hurry up.  Visit our website
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Planning to chill with family & friends on this weekend? 
We have many activities to offer you. 
Stay,  enjoy & recommend. 
Tent City is available for very few days.
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Darshan Raval on his experience of Panchmahotsav-2018 and Tent City stay. 
Don't miss the opportunity to stay in Tent City. Available only for few days.  Hurry up. Visit our website.
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Happy New Year people! 
An year well started will be an year well spent.
So, commence 2019 at Tent city of Panchmahotsav. Available only for few days. Don't miss this chance.  Come,  stay & make memories. 
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With every passing day fewer days is remaining for Forest Trail registration. Open only till 15th Jan 2019. Celebrate the new year in the lap of nature.  Register now.  Visit our website:
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Hurry up.  Few days available for Heritage Walk registration.  Book your day.  Explore the heritage.  Visit our website:
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Feel something you've never felt, 
Come to Tent city and experience the zest. 
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Sponsors who contributed generously towards Panchmahotsav-2018 were honoured with momento and the winners of various competitions held during the event were felicitated with certificate and reward money by dignitaries.
#Panchmahotsav #Pavagadh