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The official account for the Panch Mahotsav - the celebration of culture. The festival is held in Champaner, Gujarat. 22 Dec 2018 to 26 Dec 2018.

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‪Open entry for enjoying the mind boggling performace by Kailash Kher. ‬
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Enjoy every beat of priceless performance of your favourite stars completely free of charge.  Don't miss this opportunity. Panchmahotsav-2018 embraces you with new colours. Visit our website for more details.
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Forget the rest, 
Trail in the green lush forest. 
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Let's know more about our archeological history.  Let's connect with our roots at the first UNESCO World Heritage Site of Gujarat - 'The Champaner Pavagadh Archeological Park' 
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All the facilities and amenities to make your stay comfortable,
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Come join us in the exploration of Nature's magical wonders. 
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We went an extra mile and spread the smile. 
Panchamhotsav-2018 flagged off the first event 'Women Cyclothon' with 108 female cyclists.
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A Festival for everyone to celebrate, An event for everyone to Cherish Panchmahotsav - 2018 
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Let’s celebrate the beauty of women power. 
Panchmahotsav - 2018 inaugurates its series of activities with “Women Cyclothon” on 11 December 2018 at 9:30 am.
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Countdown begins. 
Only 5 days to go for the luxurious tent city to facilitate you with comfort. 
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Kailash Kher is coming to Panchmahotsav-2018.  Are you excited for his magical performances? 
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