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Made some Mickey waffles with my baby bro for breakfast. °o°  salty that there's a pancake emoji and not a waffle one 😒 # <--- waffle...😭
Happy Birthday to this old man Senpai. 🎊🎉😂✨🍜😘 @duuudeitsjames
HONEY, don't mind MEE
PLUS ULTRAA~ My #MyHeroAcadamia video is posted. Check it out. I even opened up my #hottopicexclusive and #sdccexclusive #funkopops !  Link is in bio~
💖🎀✨ (•͈ᴗ•͈ 人)
Blogpost about mine and @janelibunnie 's Kawaii friend date to @cafemaji and all the cute food! Link is in my bio~
Dedicated our hearts to the logistic squad...oh and to each other 😅☺️😂
On Wednesdays we wear our scouting cloaks and kill Titans.
First time in weeks we got to spend time together. Delicious food, manga hunting, and animu. That's how we do. 💖✨💑
P.S. don't mind how short he makes me look... kthnxbye
💖💕✨ everyone thinks it's me on my dad cap. I wish I was Rin 😂😂 but yeah I'm pink again 🤷🏻‍♀️
Lol bad sound quality just like in the og series 😂😂 just another one from #sdcc2017 #sdccpowerrangers