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“Hey guys, did you take any cool pictures of me training today?” This is what they sent. 🙈🙈
Getting ready to do such a long rally in ONE TAKE 🎥 😳 #SainaNehwalBiopic #Goals #OneDayAtATime
Friends like f̷a̷m̷i̷l̷y̷ buffoons. 💕
For flexibilty, strength and mental peace 🧘‍♀️ I love yoga 💕 #InternationalYogaDay
Before ........ and After! 🤭🏸 @nehwalsaina HOW DO YOU DO THIS!😱😱#SainaNehwalBiopic #Training #ShootsStartsInOctober
Prep 📚 #GirlOnTheTrain (Also meet my 7 yr old coffee mug that I cannot live without! I use it everyday. Take it everywhere. It was @thisissahajchopra ‘s first ever gift to me so its super super special.) 💚
A little proper, a little fun! 🥎
Bubbly kisko bolaaaaa 🧐 #Parneeta #Parniti #Bubblyyy #TheThingsTheyCallMe #OnlyChampagneIsBubblyGuys 😩🤣
HELLLOO! 🌸🌼🌈 (thankyou fanclubs for making this collage love it)
“Make hay (photos) while the sun shines!” 🌼🌈🕶