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Park Century School empowers bright children with learning differences to reach their academic and personal potential.

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Check out the silent intensity of Kristy’s 6th graders as they work on the first drafts of their fantasy stories! #writing #fantasywriting #creativewriting #studentwriting #6thgrade #parkcenturyschool
During our Monday Morning Assembly, Park Century kicked off our celebration of Black History Month. PCS parents introduced a video about Carter G. Woodson and the origin of the celebration. They also played a video of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech. They invited students, staff, and all members of the PCS community to contribute their dreams to our Black History Month bulletin board in the upper school hallway. Stop by to read and share some of the wonderful dreams of our collective community! #blackhistorymonth #ihaveadream #cartergwoodson #mlk #community #parkcenturyschool
In last week’s Kids Baking Championship, students made eclairs! They were challenged to make a trio of tastes: sweet, sour, and savory! #afterschoolenrichment #kidsbakingchampionship #baking #eclairs #bakingchallenge #parkcenturyschool
On Friday, we celebrated the close of the Kids Heart Challenge with an assembly of relay races and friendly competition between classes! This year, Park Century raised $11,600 for the @american_heart_association! #kidsheartchallenge #americanheartassociation
We just had to share more pics of Phyllis Diller the Chicken who visited our science lab earlier this week! Enjoy and have a great weekend! #phyllisdiller #featheredfriends #sciencelab #visitor
On Tuesday, our 7th and 8th graders gathered in the Community Outreach Room for an educational presentation on homelessness in LA. Devin and Rudy from @centerinhollywood shared statistics on why people end up living on the street, discussed common assumptions made about homeless people, and shared ways their organization works to help this population. Following their presentation, they led a Q&A session and had students guess the contents of the hygiene kits they use to approach people who may need help. #thecenterinhollywood #homelessnessawareness #community
One of Park Century’s famous dogs, Sal, helps a math student with her multiplication tables! #dogsofinstagram #multiplication #bestbuds
“Panthers on 3, Panthers on me...1, 2, 3, GO PANTHERS!” Last night, our girls basketball team won their 5th straight game and maintained an undefeated record this season! Come see if they can keep this momentum for their next game on February 13. Our 5th and 6th grade boys also gave an impressive performance in a very close game vs. Willows. Though they didn’t end up with the win, they never gave up, battling even as the very last second ticked off the scoreboard. Catch their next game on Monday, February 11! #gopanthers #basketball #boysbasketball #girlsbasketball #athletics #youngathletes #teamwork #team
Some 7th grade snoops caught in action! #7thgrade #snoops #wehavefun
Dena’s math groups sometimes play “Math Twister” to get their minds and bodies working at the same time! Players have to maintain their positions while focusing on solving a math problem that coincides with their current lesson. #math #twister #mathtwister #mathclass
The Great Debate! Students in Kristy’s class invited parents and staff to their debate on the topic “Should PCS students be allowed to use digital devices at school?” Both sides presented very clear, articulate, and well-researched arguments. #greatdebate #debaters #6thgrade
In today’s Monday Morning Assembly, students from Kellie’s class shared their Job Presentation projects! Each student chose a profession, did research, took notes, and created project boards. The class invited their parents to see their final project boards and ask questions about their chosen professions. #jobs #careers #professions #researchproject #mondaymorning #mondaymorningassembly