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Good Morning Monday 🎁 wrapping up sculptures and stationery already yeah (ahh just in case >>> don’t miss the recycled paper pocket notebook sale over on ... fabulous week all!
Modern stationery made from recycled paper and card stock and printed with eco-friendly inks - goodness right? Ok not just yet?!? well, allow me to elaborate. ... link in bio or blog - you can’t miss it!
Monday, I know but I’ve got something to brighten the day ... this and more new desk accent designs are over on my stationery page or follow the link in my bio to my blog and enjoy from there ... see you soon 🤗
Macramé hanging planters are everywhere and why not?!? So while organising my own display I decided why not give it a try but of course not without showing you how I did my mini tassel Macramé variation ... read on over on my blog - link in bio or see you soon! x
On my workbench right now - wrapping now 🎁💪 it is so hot 🥵 here, on cucumber water today, can only recommend it - what are you up to today???
So that was Monday - hope you are all doing well?!? x
New design alert - Happy news for a Monday, I have finished three new designs just in time for Christmas in July, back to school or just the mid year change things up moment. The first one is the one which I lovingly call 'cloud tray'. I worked on the design for quite some time as I wanted it to have a softly textured surface and a minimal dip as well as the cloud uniqueness ... much more over on my blog - link in bio or 
So so excited to share these with you today, see you soon, fab week lovelies!
Loads is happening including a new blog post, link in bio, and some website work today and over the weekend - newness here we come 🙌
A good Monday starts with gift wrapping for me 🎁 off to a good start - hoping you’re too!?! Thank you for your kind requests and orders over the weekend - shipping notes will go out later today, jippi surprises are on their way!!
This is the first ever ring-stand set of its kind!! The concrete cylinder ring stands are inspired by @ceciliastampjewellery and are on their way to her 🙌 Best thing, since this project was more like a collaboration these will be available in my shop soon too - what do you think of a dark grey option or maybe even marble??? For now totally in love with its grey simplicity. 
Marvellous Friday lovelies 🤗
Hello lovelies - how are you all doing?!? Sorry for not posting more often but it is commission-season for me and while some stuff is under wraps others are time sensitive and since I am still a one girl kind of show I don’t manage more at the moment🤗 please forgive me 🙏 appreciate you all 😘 pictured is a commission which went out to the US already, it is of course the large pale grey concrete modular sculpture set. They will be proper statement bookends with a hint of copper! The one I am holding is the usual size and finish 😉 shouting a huge thanks to all of you for your ongoing support - grateful heart over here!!!! So better get going, best and fabulous day to you!!
Crafting my way through the beginning of the week - how are you doing? #makersgonnamake