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Chasing bone at the edge of the planet.  @abacolodge @patagonia đź“· @davemccoyewa #seewhatsoutthere #loveourplanet #bahamas
No Pebble should be a no brainer, lets finish this!  @patagonia #nopebblemine #loveourplanet #seewhatsoutthere #fishneedwater
Gotcha!  Photo @fisheyeguyphotography @patagonia #nopebblemine #keepemwet? #seewhatsoutthere #alaska #loveourplanet
@christiaanpretorius with a hefty cock a doodle dooooo in Baja!  Photo @lindiblaauw @patagonia #roosterfish #keepemwet #baja #loveourplanet
Heaven or hell? When chasing monster kings in the Patagonia region, sometimes it’s a mix of both. 
Photo courtesy of @UnaPatagon1a member, Glacier King Lodge. đź“·: @tresamigosoutfitters

Una Patagon1a, is a collaboration of some of the best lodges, working together to both promote & conserve the region while providing every angler the best fishing experience. #UnaPatagon1a 
#patagonia_flyfish #flyfishing
Fall has arrived on the illustrious North Umpqua.  Photo @fisheyeguyphotography @patagonia #steelhead #seewhatsoutthere #loveourplanet
@tsponthefly and @upstreamjourney with a bad case of GT on their mind in Oman.  @patagonia #gianttrevally #seewhatsoutthere #loveourplanet #flyfishing @davemccoyewa
When the going gets cold, wet or just plain tough. Learn about our new Tough Puff Hoody through the link in our profile, or check it out at your favorite local fly shop. 🎬: @kalamityk8 and @justin_crump take you on a brief tour of our new #toughpuffhoody on the water in AK.

#layerupandflyright #patagonia_flyfish 
@patagonia_flyfish Global Sales Manager, Mark Harbaugh, with a hard won Bulkley River buck. These beautiful fish and the watersheds they depend on face challenging times, making every one encountered a reminder of what’s at stake.
Almost time to swing away on the Oregon coast.  Photo @justin_bailie @patagonia #loveourplanet #seewhatsoutthere
@kalamityk8 here with a final post from our Alaska women’s adventure. Little known fact: You don’t have to be a seasoned angler-you can have no idea what monofilament means, you can be 5.5 months prego wiping puke out of your hair at the boat launch, you can be a fair weathered fisherman, you can wear my extra layers cause you’re cold, you can sit and have a cup of tea and take a break, you can wear whatever you doesn’t matter. You’ll show up and be more present than you’ve ever been and realize this is far far from a man’s game or professionals only. Being on the river connecting with nature and the people around you, and falling in love with a place so hard you want to save it, that’s what this is about. And you’re welcome here with us. All of you just the way you are. 
#savebristolbay #nopebblemine take action today: contact the EPA tell them we’re not gonna give up this bad ass ecosystem. 
Don’t forget to take it all in!
I think the women’s Adventure this week was all about experiencing the world and people around us. Taking moments to talk and gasp at the beauty of the river and this ecosystem that is Bristol Bay. #nopebblemine #savebristolbay