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Shishu Care, amazing Baby product by Patanjali, ensures a healthier growth for your infant. Natural ingredients used in this product pamper the skin of the baby and help in better nourishment. To Know More:
Made of quality desi cow's milk, it keeps the body healthy and helps in physical purification and mental strength with its ability to cleanse and support wellness. Know more:
#Honey has frutose, minerals, #vitamins and natural nutritious is a good quality anti septic and blood refiner.its regular use treats cough, cold and also helps in early healing of injuries.
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Somya Liquid #Detergent, made from #lemon and #neem which keep the clothes germ free and clean. It prevents shrinking, maintain shine and softness of clothes.
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#Chyawanprash is the Compound which has traditional reputation in preventing all kinds of body and mental weakness and provide strength to heart and lungs.
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सर्दियों में उपयोगी पतंजलि के प्रमुख उत्पाद #PatanjaliProducts
Inauguration of Patanjali Biscuit unit Tezpur , Assam.
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MoosliPak is an Ayurvedic Tonic for general debility & Strengthens inner - power.
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Badam Pak is Beneficial for the patients suffering from Impotency and Nervous weakness.This herb tonic helps in lowering Cholestrol level and prevents from heart disease.
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Herbal #WashingPowder and #Bar,which have the natural properties of Neem and Lemon that will eliminate the bacteria and give protection to the hands.
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#EsabgolBhoosi Beneficial in reducing the body is also helpfull in controlling over disease like piles,fistula & constipation.
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#DantKantiJunior for Dental protection & beauty.This Dental cream is a marvellous products to protect the teeth.Akarkara and babul are the prime ingridents to protect the power of gums.
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