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Adopt, don't shop! 
Salak arrived at our house after tukang sayur keliling found him tied to a tree in front of an abandoned house and gave it to my mom as he knew we have dogs with the same breed. 
At first, he was supposed to stay at our place until his family get him back, but sadly, no one was looking for him. Then, we noticed how aggressive and jumpy he can be, like he would bite when we wanted to put him to his cage for bed time or got nervous when there were sudden noises. Along many other behaviors, I was convinced that he was abused in his previous home. 
After a month constantly playing, feeding, bathing him and of course getting a few strong bites from him, he started to trust me and shows how gentle, adorable and cheeky he is. He showed me that with patience and love, he could learn to trust again. 
Abandoned animals are not broken creatures! If you have the patience and love, you could make a change to a living soul's life, including yourself! 
#adoptdontshop #dog