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If success is demanding, continuous success is extremely demanding & Jealous.  #respectthegame
The first time finished a book cover to cover.  1,500 books later I feel like I have a ton of catching up to do.  Best addiction in the world.
It was just 20 days ago when every media outlet was talking about the horrifying shooting that took place in Vegas.  Media has moved on to the next story but 58 people are still mourning the loss of a loved one.  My love and prayers go out to every family that was affected by this tragic event. 🙏❤️ #VegasStrong
No matter what you ever do, you will eventually hit a wall.  This happens to EVERYONE. The FEW know what to do at those times to recreate themselves in order to get to the next level.  It’s one of the toughest things to do because you have to be willing to accept that the current you needs to change.  The current you needs an upgrade.  The current you needs to go from a 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0 to eventually a 10.0 just like an iPhone does.  You need a NEW operating system.  Your way of thinking.  Your way of leading.  Your way of processing issues.  And if it matters to you, you’ll immediately run through the wall that you’ve hit.  But guess what’s next?  Another wall.  This is an ongoing part of life.  Is it important to you?
Thank you for all the birthday wishes.  Much ❤️to YOU!!!! 🙏
Being self motivated is the only way to last a long time in business.
This picture may just be a regular picture to you, but this picture represents a long novel to me. It was taken back in Tehran, Iran late 1979.  It reminds me of all the sacrifices my parents made to help my sister and I get to America.  It cost them their marriage.  It made them learn a new language an age age older than my current age.
No one has perfect parents but God chose these 2 for me.  And he chose my sister and I for them. There’s always a reason for that.  The challenge is you and I may not know the reason for decades.
No matter how much money or success you achieve always remember where you came from.  I lived on a street in Iran called Khibanaeh Hojat.  I was born at Jam hospital.  I am forever grateful for every experience I’ve had in life both GOOD and BAD.  Without the two I wouldn’t be the man I am today. I never pray for an easy life.  There are 4 things I always pray for:
1.  Courage
2.  Wisdom
3.  Tolerance
4. Understanding
It took me a while to realize that when you pray for those 4 things, the only way he can teach me to learn the value of each is with experience.  It’s rarely fun but man I LOVE and TRUST the process.  Let’s stop constantly finding faults in the people who matter the most to us.  I struggle with this all the time.  But a simple test for me is to go and try to walk on water.  I fail at that test 100% of the time. -
Send some ❤️ to the people who matter the most to you.  Yes, even the most difficult ones that share the same last name & blood as you.
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The world economy will completely change the day we encourage every kid to grow up to become an Entrepreneur.  This doesn’t mean every kid will but it’ll certainly help shift the mindset from just having a job to creating jobs.  One relies on a healthy economy to take care of them while the other helps create a healthier economy for everyone else. #prespective #CapitalismWorks
One thing I can’t sand is fake people.  Social media is a great place where people show how perfect their lives are while behind closed doors they’re miserable.  The reality couldn’t be further from the truth.  Life is filled with tension. Most people don’t get along with themselves, let alone getting along with their siblings, friends, family, spouse and the rest of the world. So many people hesitate to make big decisions in life because they’re soooo conditioned to live a PERFECT life.  This causes a level of uneasiness to always strive to be and act perfect.  Here’s one thing you get from me.  I only know how to be PBD.  I will do my best to lead.  I will share with you my flaws, Fears, Insecurities and everything else that’s imperfect with me.  At the same time I will challenge you and push you not to use all the challenges you’re personally facing as an excuse to justify why you’re not winning in life.  If you’re expecting to have someone tell you exactly what you always want to hear, I’m not the guy to follow. Meanwhile remember to focus on the 4 pillars of life: LEAD, RESPECT, IMPROVE & LOVE. 🙏❤️
Caption this pic.
Some things never change. Since I was a kid in Iran, I always felt the urge to protect.  When we lived at a refugee camp in Germany, I felt the urge to protect.  When we came to the states, I felt the urge to protect my Mom & Sister.  When I joined the US Army, I felt to urge to protect.  When I got into business, I felt the urge to protect by selling Insurance.  When I learned about different economical systems, I felt the urge to spread & protect the concept of capitalism through Valuetainment. You don’t have to have a uniform on to protect your Country, your Family, your Community and your Freedom.  It’s our job to protect what matters the most to us.  You can count on me to do my part.  I hope we can count on you to do the same. 🙏❤️