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Over 90% of experts around the world have chosen 🇫🇷 to win the World Cup. However, if 🇭🇷 wins, this could go down in the history books as the “UNDERDOG” World Cup.  Possibly in the same category as 🇺🇾 beating 🇧🇷 in front of 200,000 people in attendance at the finals game in RIO! 🇺🇾 won 2-1.
No one had 🇭🇷 winning it all at the beginning but many had 🇫🇷. ESPN odds of each country winning were the following:
France was 5 to 1 chance to win the entire World Cup before the World Cup began
Croatia was 30 to 1
Only 2 countries had better odds of winning the entire World Cup than 🇫🇷 and those were 🇧🇷 & 🇩🇪.
🇭🇷 has 11 more countries chosen ahead of them.
And most important data is that a Valuetainer from 🇭🇷 sent me a custom made Croatians jersey with my last name on it but 🇫🇷 Valuetainer didn’t.  Therefor, I’ll be rooting (maybe screaming) for 🇭🇷 today out of my hotel room in Los Angeles. 😉
Seek to be inspired rather than motivated.  It lasts longer and the impact is bigger.
You will NEVER find a bigger enemy in your life than YOURSELF.
Not your ex
Not your parents
Not your boss
Not your competitor
Not your mother in law
Not Trump or Hillary
Only YOU
You’re the only person that has 100% control of your thoughts.  Your mindset. The ideas you let in. You have full control of your time. Things change very quickly when you stop pointing fingers and blaming others for your circumstances.  I know the media doesn’t support this concept but YOU CAN!
Believe in YOU!
Believe in YOUR abilities!
Get in a (+) environment.
Spread your wings.
Make some new mistakes.
Go find out what YOUR capacity looks like!
“I’m Muslim! I’m at the Mecca.  I’m your biggest fan!  I love capitalism.” Said a Valuetainer.  These types of messages refuel me.
Here’s why I’m an advocate of Entrepreneurship & capitalism.  Because capitalism is blind to your:
-  age
-  religion
-  marital status
-  gender
-  level of education
I’m a perfect example of it.  I’m middle eastern.  Born and raised in Iran. No 4 year degree.  Not a single person in my family was an entrepreneur.  My Dad was a cashier at a $.99 store. I never won anything in sports.  The only trophy I got was from a small league I played in Echo park, LA! And now millions of Valuetainers around the world believe in capitalism?
People gather in underground areas with illegal satellites in communistic and dictatorship countries to watch valuetainment.  I’m deeply humbled and at the same time determined to get the message to every single community in every single nation.
Future looks bright.
Heaven on 🌏!
Tag someone who’s a great example of this.
Who said you can’t dribble a ⚽️ with @ferragamo shoes!
🇭🇷 or 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿?
Caption this pic with @aguilarsocial.
Chase natural highs!  They last a long time.
Do you see a trend?
Caption this pic.
Pic taken at @aynrandorg conference in Newport Beach.
Much props to @magicjohnson and the @lakers organization.  LeBron James has agreed to 4-year, $154M deal with Lakers, Klutch Sports says. Things just got very interesting in LA.  Season tickets have officially tripled.  Jersey sales are about to go to the roof.  It’s amazing what great leadership does to a brand. It attracts talent.
Who’ll be next?
This is what’s great about the @fifaworldcup.  The world goes in with high expectations for Messi, Ronaldo, Germany, Spain.
Meanwhile, no one knows who really wants it the most behind closed doors.
Maybe @ch14_ from @miseleccionmx is determined to bring one for Mexico?
Maybe this is a Chand for the young buck @k.mbappe29 from France to show the world who he is?
Maybe Uruguay wants to remind the world that they won the first ever World Cup in 1930 and the 4th in 1950?
Maybe @cavaniofficial21 wants everyone to know that Uruguay has 2 superstars. It’s not just @luissuarez9.
Maybe Belgium and England have a chip on their shoulder. No one gave them a chance and they have a point to prove.
Maybe there’s a lesson here. Season change!  New superstars are born! We learn who’s driven by money and fame versus who’s driven by history and pride of their nation. It’s the most emotional sport in the world.
I’ve always been a fan of the underdog. If every had a theme, this one would be called “The Underdog World Cup”.