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The story of a reactive ACD named Neptune adventuring with Norma the Lab, Star Lord the ACD, and 2 cats

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Incoming derp alert 🚨
I went through photos from our trip to Idaho last night and I got so many photos of the dogs just having the best time running and playing.
We planned the trip to get Neptune out of town during the fireworks which we successfully avoided during our trip but sadly she still heard plenty before we left and after we got home so she has been really stressed for a week straight.
Next year we are going to head out to one of the 2 places we visited and camp for at least 2 weeks to avoid the fireworks until we are able to afford to move out of our area, where we didn’t know fireworks were legal.
Running around carefree on the sand dunes was probably the best 4th of July I’ve ever had though and I look forward to our next trip out there!
How was your 4th?
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Today is the big day! Little Star Lord is (un)officially 1yr old today! 🎂
Since he was found as a stray we don’t know his real birthday but this is what the rescue put on his microchip so we are going to go with that.
Though it’s been but a short while that we’ve had him, him and I already have such a strong bond and he checks all the boxes when it comes to what I wanted.
He’s sociable with dogs but not overly so, he’s sweet and melts when he gets pets from strangers, he is content going to breweries with me and is well behaved around other dogs and people there, he gets along great with our girls and hasn’t shown a single mean bone even when Neptune is kind of a brat, he loves fetch, and he’s really ridiculously good looking!
He’s the whole package and I’m grateful @texascattledogrescue transferred him to @pnwcattledogrescue where he became my foster. We instantly knew he was “the one” and officially adopted him within the week 🤣
I’m sad I can’t visit him today but this weekend we will celebrate and he can enjoy his birthday cake from @spotteddogbakery ❤️
Just a wild raccoon wearing a cute bandana. No big deal 🤷🏻‍♀️
I’m overwhelmed with the support I received from you all yesterday! I’m grateful for the amazing community of understanding and compassionate dog owners I am surrounded by in my daily life and here on Instagram.
Thank you all so much for being so sweet and taking the time to read my longer more sappy posts 🤣
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Neptune the Raccoon Water Bender 💦
Swipe to see her look alikes
This photo was taken at the “secret” swimming hole we found off a local logging road! It was such a beautiful and peaceful place for the girls to swim.
It was refreshing for me to find such a beautiful place quiet enough I could take Neptune, our dog reactive girl to.
We opt not to hike the popular trails here in Washington (which is basically any hike with a view or waterfall) because it’s not fun for Neptune and in turn, not much fun for me.
It’s easy to assume with enough training your dog can go from a reactive tornado of anxiety to a good doggy citizen and I’m sure in many cases that can more or less be achieved. My goal isn’t to make Neptune conform to the lifestyle I want to have with her. My goal is to do whatever I can to help her live a happy life and to accept who she is, even if that’s not necessarily the dog I signed on for. If one day she’s comfortable hiking on busy trails, great! If not, that’s also fine with me.
Neptune has required us to make some tweaks to our lifestyle because having this amazing creature in our lives is worth it!
I’ll never give up working with her on her reactivity but I accept we have had a major regression this last year and that’s just how progress with these dogs goes, up and down.
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Casually leaping into the weekend 🦌
“Hi! My name is Star Lord but you can call me Quill. I’m here to talk to you about this spray that keeps pests like fleas, ticks, and mosquitos out of your yard!
If your human is like mine, they get a little worried about how chemical based products can affect your health. She says something about how we groom ourselves so much, we unintentionally ingest whatever we come in contact with.
That’s why my human chooses @cedarcide to keep our Yardsafe so we can play in it right away with no worries!
Cedarcide is a natural product made with cedarwood oil which kills and repels fleas, ticks, mites, mosquitoes, and ants in all life stages.
Yardsafe is pre diluted so you attach it to your hose and spray your yard down once a month or as needed.
It also leaves a very nice cedar smell which we love!”
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Little wild thing
Quill gets to be extra wild today! He’s going to a barn hunt lesson with his friend Perkins (@noseydogtraining puppy).
Barn hunt is an instinct based sport which mimics dogs hunting and eradicating vermin in a farm setting.
The rats used for barn hunt are concealed in protective tubes with aeration holes for the rodents to breath through and that the dogs can easily smell them through. They are not harmed by the dogs in this sport. Rats used for barn hunt often live very lavish lifestyles (I worked for a woman who has rats for this purpose and they were actually quite loved and spoiled!) and they are trained to love their tube so that they stay happy and relaxed in them.
This sport is especially appealing to terriers who were bred to do this job but many other breeds still enjoy and excel at it!
Today we will see if Quill has the natural instinct for it and will be building his confidence to hunt.
Neptune enjoys the sport quite a bit but the trial environment is way too crowded, loud, and overwhelming for her so I hope her derpy little brother likes it enough to trial 🤞🏻
Have you ever tried barn hunt with your dog(s)?
Neptune is about to pounce and playfully maul one of her siblings, who do you think she chose?
When Neptune gets a playful she gets so intense about play.
It’s hard for her to find good playmates because her play style is so intense. She sounds like a demon and loves biting faces which Norma is super cool with (now that she understands this tiny intense dog isn’t actually trying to do a murder) but Quill is so skeptical!
He wants to play with her but gets easily frightened. The last week though he’s been really starting to play more and more! He discovered he can outrun and out maneuver her 😉
Smallest to largest.
Our little family is really starting to come together.
It’s been a bit over 2 months since we got Quill (though I feel like I’ve known him for so much longer because we’ve bonded so quick!) and acclimating him to our home has been a process which has had ups and downs. I’m happy to report, we’ve had way more ups lately and Neptune has started to accept him sleeping in our bed with her (and us because despite what the dogs think, this is actually our bed) which is a really big deal for her.
I think deep down, she really does like her annoying little brother 😛
I haven’t seen such a happy Neptune in a while! 😍
At Neptune’s recent vet visit we discussed her joint issues and what we should be doing to ensure she has a quality life and can keep enjoying the activities that she loves. We decided to start utilizing anti inflammatory medications regularly to keep her active which will also help her lose some of this excess weight she’s been struggling to lose.
In a month we will go in for some bloodwork to ensure the medication isn’t negatively effecting her organs which is my biggest reservation with utilizing prescription medications on a young dog (she’s only 6 😭).
I’ve had a rollercoaster of emotions lately due to some personal stuff and just worrying about Neptune’s health.
As dog owners I think we all just want our dogs to be happy and healthy so they can live a long life full of love and adventure. I found out Neptune had arthritis when she was only 1yr old but she was still so spry and active, I was just in denial, I suppose. The past 2yrs the signs that she’s actually in pain have become more and more apparent and it just breaks my heart to see her like that.
It especially breaks my heart seeing how happy she was running and playing today thanks to her prescription medications that I’ve denied using for years in fear of how they would negatively effect other aspects of her health.
Our new vet and I had a heart to heart and ultimately, what’s most important is that she is happy for as long as possible and I’m willing to take the potential risks for her to have a quality life, even if it’s shorter.
Sorry for the giant wall of text but clearly I’ve got a lot on my mind 😅
Quietly contemplating life, I guess
Neptune has such an expressive little face, I feel like she’s actually a little human. This face is her “I’m completely unamused and very over this modeling thing” look.
When tasty and healthy are married into one snack 🤤
Our pups love their @petreleaf Edibites and I like the simple ingredient list and the added benefits of CBD in every Edibite.
In our household we use Edibites as a treat and use them with the Hemp Oil 1700 to help Neptune with her anxiety and joint pain.
What’s your dogs favorite snack?