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🐶 Paw Paws USA is an e-tailer, retailer and manufacturer of designer dog products. 📍Visit our NEW store 651 Main Street Greenville, SC USA

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We love our new neighbors at Snack Works! Especially when they have cute fur babies we can spoil like this sweet girl! We are thankful for their friendship and can’t wait to make more here at West End!🐾🐶❤️ #snackworks #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #westendlife #bestiesfortheresties #spoiledpups
Look at all these smiles! They are all cheesing because they heard our special St. Patricks Day collection is coming out soon! Stay tuned for all of our festive designs of Collars, Leashes, Bow ties and more! 🐶🍀🐾#stpatricksday #wearetheluckyones #dontletthemgetpinched #greenbling
Just in case you needed a little sunshine this morning we will leave this sweet pup on your feed! Needless to say he got all the treats he wanted, I mean how can you say no to that face! Stop by #pawpawsusa and you might see one of our furry friends in here getting new Collars, Treats and Toys!🐶🐾 #toocutetuesday #hishumanisintrouble #cantsaynotothatface #spoiledpups #pawdorable
“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved”. Say ✋ to “LUCKY” he is 15 years young and totally loved❤️ by his human! 
poodlesofinstagram #poodlelove
All smiles from Jake and JuJu because they get to wear their custom bandanas on their walks around Greenville! Come visit #pawpawsusa and get your fur babies a custom bandana and you’ll see them smile like this too! 🐶🐾#pawpawspawkerchief #smilesformiles #spoiledpups #underbiteunite #underbitelife
Here are some more of our sweet pups that came to visit us at our Kissing Booth! 💋Valentines Day is tomorrow so be sure to stop by our booth and get some kisses from your babies! On top of the free kisses from your pup we are giving out a free Valentines Day cookie with every purchase! Let’s show our love to the fur babies who love us more than anything in the world!❤️🐾🐶 #pawpawskissingbooth #smoochesforpooches #iwoofyou #fureverandalways #spoiledpups
Valentines day is almost here! Make sure you stop by #pawpawsusa and check out our special Valentines Collection of Collars, Harnesses, Leashes and more! Don’t forget to get something for those sweet pups that love you unconditionally every day! ❤️🐾#valentinescollection #puppylove #unconditionallove #fureverfamily #spoiledpups
It took a few takes 🎬 but we finally got 💖BUTTERS in the Kissing Booth! Making Valentines ❤️fun for your pup! #pawpawsusa #smooches #petboutique #yeahthatgreenville
Love is in the air!💖 Stop by the Smooch Pooch at #pawpawsusa and snap a pic with your Best Friend! 🐶💋🐾 #pupswuvit #crazydogmom
Look who stopped by our Kissing Booth this morning! 💋 Emma was so excited to visit us here at #pawpawsusa on this warm and sunny day! While you’re out walking around enjoying this beautiful weather stop by and get a picture with your fur baby in our Kissing Booth!💋🐶🐾❤️ #pawpawskissingbooth #smoochesforpooches #puppylove #iwoofyou #bemybowelentine
Love day is just around the corner! Don't forget to stop by and get something for the pups you love the most! We have a special Valentine's Bowtie Collection for that special four legged pup in your life! ❤️🐾 #valentinesbowties #spoiledpups #theyarepawsome #furealfureal
Day 2 ‼️of the Paw Paws Smoochie Poochie Kissing Booth ❤️💋🐶 Come visit our New location and cuddle in for a smooch! 💖🦄😍 #pawpawsusa #poochielove #loverslane