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Today I was giving Free Muscular Health Checks at the British Flyball Association Limited Open Sanction Tournament presented by Four Paws Racing.

Here are some of the canine athletes I met today
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The lovely Sasha had been quite stiff and had intermittent lameness due to arthritis and overcompensating muscles. 
After her 3 initial sessions her mum reported she was greatly improved, no lameness and was happier in herself. I look forward to seeing her after her holidays!
Bruno's mum sent me this video to show how after having his massage sessions, it has allowed him to enjoy himself again. He wasn't interested in playing with his sisters, and definitely couldn't keep up with them.
This video was taken after 4 sessions of canine massage therapy. His 1st session, he could barely be touched because he had extreme myofascial pain. 
Look at him go!
As a member of the Canine Massage Guild I am constantly updating and adding to my skill set techniques to use on your dog for the best possible treatment suited to them.

I attended a CPD for Manual Lymphatic Drainage. 
MLD is a specialised treatment ideal for post surgery, oedema or swelling, trauma recovery and is ideal for the senior dog as well as those with anxiety issues and touch sensitivity.
Everyone found it to be a very relaxing treatment, as well as it having many, many benefits such as:
* improving the immune system,
* muscular strains,
* helps to heal
*dental issues
*calming effect on the body
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There is no doubting how amazing clinical canine massage is! 
I saw  Bruno last week for the 1st time and he had extremely bad myofascial pain and dysfunction all along his back. I wasn't able to do  very much (so I thought), because he was so uncomfortable and sore.
This evening I went to do his 2nd session and I was thrilled to be told by his owners that he was happier in himself, more flexible and was running around playing with his sisters! 
I was able to do more work on him today, so can't wait to hear how he gets on this coming week! 
If your dog isn't quite himself, you may find that canine massage is what your dog needs to give  them a new lease of life! ☎️ 07801 296333
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I have studied canine body language with @dogtrainingcollege 
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Some of the dogs that came by for a Muscular Health Check at Ham Fair
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Being a member of the Canine Massage Guild, we are the first to be involved in clinical trials to prove the efficacy of canine massage.
 I feel proud to be a contributor of the trials and be part of this project
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I will be there at this annual event giving FREE Muscular Health Checks

Come by and say hello and find out how your best furry friend can benefit from Clinical Canine Massage!
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Amazing day at the Gunnersury Park Dog Show today. Met lots of lovely dogs giving muscular health checks. #gunnesburypark #fundogshow #gorgeousdogsoftheday #muscularhealthchecks #pawsandrestoreclinicalcaninemassage
Amazing day at the Gunnersury Park Dog Show today. Met lots of lovely dogs giving muscular health checks. #gunnesburypark #fundogshow #gorgeousdogsoftheday #muscularhealthchecks #pawsandrestoreclinicalcaninemassage