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Outdoor clothing made with yak wool from the Tibetan Plateau. Warmer, softer, and more breathable than merino wool.

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LAUNCHING ON SUNDAY! Our yak wool hiking, skiing and trail socks are ready for your feet and we're launching our Kickstarter on Sunday. Here is a sneak peak at what we've spent the last 6 months working on. 
Stay tuned for more updates, and lets bring yak wool socks to the world!
COMING LATE OCTOBER! For your everyday life, hiking adventures and ski missions. Combining our amazingly soft and warm yak wool with the best sock technology in the world. You could call it a Feet of Engineering.

Stay tuned for updates.
The best part about being out in the mountains is setting up camp, settling in for the sunset and enjoying the quiet that nature brings. 📷: @mountain_bear_ 
Autumn has arrived in Europe, and we can't wait to see more adventures from our newest brand ambassadors @berndvdc @c.d_travels
The backcountry is where you find the best snow. Get out there! 📷: @leeburty
Our baselayers will keep you warm, while keeping out of your way.
Winter climbing doesn't have to be cold #yakwoolclothing #adventuregear
Getting into the outdoors isn't always about climbing a higher peak, skiing a steeper chute, or covering more distance in a day. Seeing the sun come up, spending time without distraction and worry, allowing yourself to join the peace that nature brings, and watching the sun set again is something we should all do more often. 📷: @leeburty
Climbing to the Roof of the World #treblecone #wanaka #climbingnz 📷: @leeburty
These mountains are now getting that soft powder snow we have been waiting for and we can't wait to get out their and find some epic lines at #templebasin
Thousands of small villages of Tibetan Herders dot the landscape on the Tibetan Plateau. For most, there is currently no market to sell yak fiber, but we plan to change this and one day hope to be able to buy from thousands of herders.
Modern life and ancient traditions are merging together on the Tibetan Plateau. Many Tibetans have moved into small towns for better opportunities, but it often comes with many downsides. We buy our yak fibre at a fair price, giving herding families ability to earn a living and continue their way of life in the grasslands.