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DPMHS encourages students to participate in the reading challenge each day. Prize for top student winner can range from $25 gift card, set of books from the sponsor, a family pack of tickets to a museum or event, and more! Prize for most engaged school can range from $150 gift card, set of books for the school library, classroom set of tickets (25) to a museum or event, and more! Get reading, sharks! 沒クEduardo Garcia
Period 6 staff: website manager Kamryne Blake. Tasked with reviewing and updating the PNN website and stories daily. All staff members contribute to bring you the news on and off campus.
Earlier today students enjoyed Fiesta Friday while mingling with friends right before the upcoming three day weekend. 沒ク's by Genevieve Avalos
Period 4 Staff: Tasked with setting up Studio A and B, going on the scene to report the story to you. Left to Right: Anchor David Palacios, Associate Producer Christopher Gillen, Associate Producer Layla Calderon, News Anchor Ana Gonzalez, Senior Producer Nathan Kangavary. Stories need more than one class to be developed, thats why these students in different periods are selected to do one task, deliver the news to you.
Period 3 Staff: Tasked with filming interviews and producing a news segment for you. Left to Right: Senior Producer Quiser Nasir, Video Editor Jedidiah Longboy, Co-Anchor Aimee Guzman, Camera Operator Judith Ntere, Associate Producer Amanda Jimenez. After a story breaks or develops, this team will be ready to update news to you.
Today DPMHS held another Potluck, a time where friends and family come together, eat, and have a great time. Additionally, PTSA held a meeting.
沒クEduardo Garcia
KABC radio news anchor Ken Jeffries and students of PNN had a discussion about the recent news in Florida.
沒ク Eduardo Garcia

Update: After uploading these photos, I do wish to add on to what @pearlnutnews said. With the number of mass tradegies not only in this country but also across the world, it's hard for victims' friends and families to heal from a loss of a loved one. They had seen their ups and downs, their greatest times, their greatest accomplishments. They had seen their smiles, their laughter, and their positivity. 
They were the ones who were close, the ones who were friends, the ones who were family. They were the ones who meant so much to their friends and family, that to learn they had to go... Let's take the time to appreciate our friends and family. Take the time to thank them for how much they have contributed into your relationship. Take the time to tell them that you love them because we don't know when the "I appreciate what you do for me, thank you for your time, I value our relationship, I value our friendship..." We don't know when "I love you" will be the last.

Our hearts and prayers are with those who have lost their lives, and the victims' friends and families. May the victims in Florida, and victims from past tradegies, rest in peace.
Period 2 Staff: Tasked with preparing cameras for interviews and the studio for filming with News Anchor Taylor Price and Entertainment Anchor Nixia Bravo to bring the news to you. From left to right: Associate Producer Matthew Muテアoz and Senior Producer Maksim Lisov. If news begin to develop the day before an airdate these teams in Period 2, 3, 4 and 6 are ready to bring the news to you.
PNN's first studio set-up. It was known as the Pearl Morning News Show, an idea created by former students Karla Medrano, Joshua Garcia and Enrie Amezcua with the hope that the next class would continue this program for years to come. With the help of Media Advisor Mark Middlebrook, PNN continues with students who are even more dedicated than the last. #tbt
Production Staff: Tasked with recording and anchoring content for you. Left to Right: Video Editor/Studio "B" Camera Director Cristian E Martinez Sepulveda, Studio "A" Camera Operator Erick Rebolledo, Camera Director Deborah Zuleta, Entertainment Anchor Sandra Ortega, Co-Anchor Dean Khazanov, News Anchor Taylor Price, News Anchor Shayn Gaft, Entertainment Anchor Nixia Bravo, Studio "B" Camera Operator Gabriel Valenzuela. After stories are chosen and written, they are then recorded for the show.
On Tuesday, during 3rd and 4th period, students in Mr. Baer窶冱 English classes flew kites they made for their unit on 窶弋he Kite Runner.窶 沒キ: Harmony Sanchez and Eduardo Garcia
Happy Valentines Day Sharks! 沒キ Alishon Raymundo