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Congratulations to the Class of 2018. PNN has Full Coverage of the Graduation Ceremony on our website at underneath the message from News Director Eduardo Garcia.
Class of 2018!
In organizations, not every team is a success. Some underperform, while others perform otherwise. Pearl Net News is no exception. We've accomplish goals never thought possible. We've won awards for our broadcast. We've aired a number of live streams. We've hit every single deadline for our shows. Most importantly, we gave it all we got this year, that made us realize our true potential. That is all what made our team so special. That is all what made our team powerful. That is all what made this year a memorable one. This has been Pearl Net News for the 2017-2018 school year signing off. - News Director Eduardo Garcia
Congrats to Period 4 Video Production Class who received awards from participating in Making Movies That Matter!
Student Body election 2018. Voting reset on Friday for a number of classes. Voting will end Tuesday morning. Be sure to vote online through Jupiter!

For Student Body President:
Zachary Gephart-Canada
Michael Chidbachian 
Rudraj Koppikar
John Sendin 
For Student Body Vice-President:
Astrid Cabrera 
Adrian Contreras 
Steven Guzman 
Angel Van Horn 
For Student Body Treasurer:
David Eskichyan
Karina Mara 
Student Body Secretary:
Farah Faiza
Candidate gave their speech today at lunch. Voting will be through Jupiter. It is open until Tuesday! Good luck to our candidates!
PearlCon III on May 12 from 9am-3:00pm. Admission is $5.
Senior David Palacios began to shoot on his part for the upcoming show
Students early morning starting on the new upcoming show done in one entire day
AP exams happening this week. Good luck to all sharks taking the exams! Remember that practice exams are online if you need additional aid.
The Starry Night Spring Concert Performance is now up on our website at for all to see.
Here are some of the photos from yesterday's Starry Night performance conducted by Wes Hambright. The link to the show will be on our website later. 📷 Angie Gonzalez