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Modern quilting w/ a side of bicycling. Probably should have opted for bicycling w/ a side of modern quilting.

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My first of hopefully many makeup sessions. Beth, on the left has a fresh day face and Maureen, on the right has a more dramatic look. Thanks for agreeing to be my guinea pigs. I ❤️ you guys! 💋💄
Some projects get complicated and you have to think creatively to pull them off. This one has been interesting to say the least. Tomorrow I will find out if I successfully moved this from 🙀 to 😻. We can only 🙏🏼. #modernquilt
Christmas at the Creek. #stevenscreekchurch @2wrevolver
December 2018 #monthmarker inspired by a @snowberrydesignco YouTube tutorial #loosewatercolor
It gets a bit crowded when the grand pup visits. #grandpuppy #wgsd #wgsdofinstagram #jrt #jrtofinstagram #jackrussellterrier #whitegermanshepherd #quilts
I just discovered the solution 👍🏼 @2wrevolver came up with to eliminate opening the detergent with the spout in the wrong direction. 😖 Yes, I buy the big bottle at Costco and refill a standard bottle cuz I’m cheap and I prefer the lightweight pour to pushing the little bulb and then wondering what to do with the goopy cup. 🤔 (I used to collect multiple cups and throw them in with each load. I’d never rinse, too wasteful and, as mentioned above, I’m cheap!) #cleversolutions #laundry #sharpieart
I’ve been tagged by @wicked_awesome_quilting for #whatsonmytable ............. I planned to work on my #michaelmillerchallenge on my 3 consecutive days off this week but I was derailed by a tweaked back on day one. 😖 So, my MMC project sits as l left it on my previous day off 😢 while I baby my spine back to health before I go to work on Wednesday. Now it’s your turn @pjneal1259 and @dhiapeach
Evora, the Birthday Girl, modeling her new bandanas. Notice that both ears are perky for her C+S Christmas pose. That was the first try-on. Bravo Evora has one perky ear and Tula Evora has both ears pulled back. She played along but you could tell it was progressively getting on her nerves. 😖 Nick didn’t bother putting the fourth version on her. 😜 #wgs #whitegermanshepherd #bandana #tulapink #cottanandsteel #cottonandsteelchristmas #patbravo @nickislamerthanyou
Nick making 5th birthday presents for his fur-baby. Evora 🐕 now has four new bandanas. Nick says this Husqvarna is the right color but it needs two wheels. 🏍 He does love the speed! #husqvarna #huskylock #mansewing #serger @nickislamerthanyou
When you buy a book with 15 knitted wash cloth patterns based on quilt blocks you may find yourself buying a 🌈 of cotton yarn. I’m working on the 10th Block now. It’s 🍒 red. #learningtoknit #knitting #knittedwashcloth #yarn
Perfect night for a campfire. #glamping #campfire #blackforestcampground#brevardnc