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Happy Easter everybody.. just done did this one, now I'm off for some Easter chills with my kids and shit!! Hope y'all have a great one 😊🙌🏾 Bless
I guess it speaks for itself @crocarttattoocare @eighty6clothing @greyareacustomtattoo on my boy @oliverayre thanks for the trust homie
Always comes first #whatisfamily
Family @studio31tattoo @eighty6clothing @crocarttattoocare
Fun set of seconds today next to come sick first and nice handjobs 🥰👌🏾 @eighty6clothing @crocarttattoocare @greyareacustomtattoo #marchtattoo #cambridgeshiretattoo #tattoo
Still got Friday 11/4 available when I’m in #Hull @studio31tattoo 👾 drop me a a message to get in! Buzzing to be up again 👐🏾 #guestspotuk #hulltattoo #tattooshull #scripttattoo #quotetattoo #tattoouk #uktattoo
Taking booking for my guest spot with my people @studio31tattoo #Hull show some love... 11-13th April come at me 💅 #guestspot #tattoo @eighty6clothing @crocarttattoocare
2084 - 100 years of life, I like his commitment to self.. and goals.. hope you get there Brother! Keep safe
Never ever, ever ever.. ever ever ever give up the damn fight! @greyareacustomtattoo @eighty6clothing @crocarttattoocare  #keeponfighting
@eighty6clothing @greyareacustomtattoo
Names 🧘 @eighty6clothing @crocarttattoocare @greyareacustomtattoo