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Versatile. Affordable. Comfortable. Stylish. Try saying that about anything else in your wardrobe!
Only two more months 'til spring! (Was that exciting or depressing? We can't tell.)
Is your resolution to unplug? Maybe it should be. "Every hour you are exposed to blue light from a device, you suppress melatonin production for 30 minutes." Shawn Stevenson, author of Smarter Sleep.
File that under "What Were They Thinking?" 洟
Rise and--snooze 5 times!
Been on your feet all day? Try soaking them in a tub of room temperature water with these ingredients:
Date nights at fancy restaurants are overrated.
For those about to read, we salute you. 沁オ
Award season is upon us. Treat the street like your red carpet with Secret Silky from Peds hosiery!
Happy National Hangover Day! Whoops, we meant New Years Day!
TAG your favorite binge-watching buddy and be entered for a chance to WIN a Peds Prize pack, perfect for the gym or the couch.
Have you seen Secret Silky from Peds? Our hosiery is the perfect way to polish any outfit--from work to dinner parties to date night.
Happy National Hangover Day! Whoops, we meant New Year's Day!