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Comedian and “it” girl. Hashtaggers on E!, Gotham Comedy Live, MTV’s Greatest Party Story Ever.

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Getting pretty for the show at the Melbourne Florida King Center tonight.

I'm trying out this new thing where I make my face look like a duck in photos. Let me know what you think in the comments!!! @m_carbonaro #carbonaroeffect #carbonarolive #michaelcarbonaro
Met these superstars after the #birmingham show with @m_carbonaro.

Something about them is just magical. Not sure what.

#carbonarolive #carbonaroeffect
Home for the next ten days.
(They make me sleep on the roof.)
#carbonaroeffect #carbonarolive #comedy #magic #bustour
Back out on tour with my main magic brother @m_carbonaro!
New Orleans, Mobile, Birmingham, Orlando, Melbourne, Dubuque, Indianapolis, Waukegan… we’re comin’ for ya.
#comedy #magic #carbonaroeffect #thecarbonaroeffect #carbonarolive
I always thought LA was paved with the failed dreams of Hollywood Blvd costume actors. Turns out the streets are made up primarily of screws and debris.

Wish moto good luck at the doctor.
Dogs Without Borders adoption event. Took a super quick break from photographing to give Perla a snack.
Doing shows at @recroomhb with sour candy connoisseur @brentmorin? No thank you. I perform exclusively with unfunny comics and insist upon NO candy and NO video games after the show. I SAID good DAY.
Hey hipster restaurant - your eggs are 15 dollars. Plunge your own toilet.
While you guys are screwing around watching your Strange Things and your Gaming Thrones, I’m over here trying to solve this case
Hey @thenacacen that was SO fun. Come get a TimberFAKE button at Booth 209! 😊😂👏🍔🔥🍆 #nacacen #naca
Honored to remove all metal objects from my person, stand perfectly still, and drop the hottest hour of comedy this place has ever seen.