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Comedian and “it” girl. Hashtaggers on E!, Gotham Comedy Live, MTV’s Greatest Party Story Ever.

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Really Apple??
Just found out that the new FaceTime feature where your baby nephew can feed you through the screen only works with avocados! No other foods! DISAPPOINTED.
#apple #facetime #ios11 #avocados #blessed
I'm 33 and have completely given up on ever having legitimate facial hair.
I don’t know what it’s like to be scared to walk through a neighborhood
because of my skin color. But you might.
I don’t know the feeling of having my voice ignored because of my
gender. But you might.
I’ve never been made to feel that my love is invalid because of my
sexuality. But you might.
So I’m with you.

For those of you who couldn’t attend the Pride/Resist march, enjoy some
of my favorite signs:
“If sexuality was a choice I’d be so much gayer”
“Every disaster movie begins with a scientist being ignored”
“If Hillary were President, we’d all be at brunch right now”
“Lordy I hope there are crepes”
“Started from the closet now we’re queer”
#resist #pride #resistmarch
Leo's version of Get Lucky is so on point I expect a cease and desist from Columbia Records any day now
Best/only way to get me interested in watching baseball: add dogs and unlimited food. Starstruck at meeting the famous @maribellruns.
#dodgers #baseball
My second appearance on the Sparks Radio #Podcast! Tune in for hot news about australian transgender escort murder/suicide & sleep pods for students!!

#vegas #LA #comedy #Podcast #funny
Coming soon: a series of PSAs to help you get your mind right. Gettin’ my woke mad scientist on.
Performing at the @ontarioimprov all weekend with national treasure @thefullcharge.
Do you live out here? No? Alright no worries see you guys on Monday.
Baby nephew birthday party is a smashing success, in that they're splashing all the water from the little play area onto the living room floor and slipping all over the place.
I... I don't know what to feel. #faceapp
I'm pretty sure I'm helping!! #marchscience #sciencemarch #science
Birthday show was a disaster and nobody had fun. I hate you all and am definitely not overwhelmed with the love and friendship you displayed. See you in hell!