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Market research. 
An important aspect of the VBJ project has been and always will be an assessment of the actual demand for aviation services, travel, business jets, helicopters, time saving, capability of the market to purchase and fly our product and to then estimate the likely future demand for the VBJ based on these criteria over the next 20 years. The more work we do using various market research methods, the more attractive the project becomes. 
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Creating time... These range maps show the range capability of the VBJ from various departure points around the world. Range like this without the need to travel to an airport translates into huge time saving. 
Supersonic air travel across the USA (if the technology can be made quiet enough) will not be faster than the Pegasus VBJ if passengers are required to drive to and from an airport and check in through busy, crowded airport desks. Door to door travel at 800kmph is the best way to reduce travel times, not through breaking the sound barrier. #innovation #timetravel #supersonic #bizjet #flight #shares #maths #amazing
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Tax Incentives: 
150% tax rebate. The company has been awarded a department of science and technology R&D tax incentive. This means that any money invested into the design and development work will contribute to a profit offset amount. This benefit is passed on to the shareholders as well. 
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Unmatched performance. 
The VBJ numbers speak for themselves. With a speed and range four times that of a helicopter, more space than similar sized business jets and safer performance than a helicopter along with reduced running costs. 
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The Pegasus VBJ is the world's first vertical take-off and landing business jet which boasts true business jet performance. Fly four times faster and further than any helicopter 🚁 
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Highly marketable. 
The VBJ (vertical business jet) finds praise from well known pilots such as the one and only John Travolta. Recognition like this makes marketing the VBJ easier and although this letter should not be taken as an endorsement, we do hope that in time to come we are able to count John as one of our many satisfied customers.  #johntravolta #airplane #future #shares #love #aviation #innovation 
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Market size: The VBJ is capable of fulfilling various aviation rolls which make up a total market size of almost $540 billion over a 15 year period. This is because the aeroplane fulfills roles previously exclusively covered by helicopters, turbo-props, or business jets. The slides attached show potential revenues and profitability ranges. As well as data from independent sources estimating the market size of the sector over the next 20 years. Of course the slides may seem less exciting then the visuals of the aeroplane, but it’s information like this that shows that company will be profitable & sustainable and gives us the courage and motivation to pursue this project. 
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We really can land this plane anywhere !  Cool air VTOL from@in-wing fans means the VBJ can land in confined spaces, in built up areas, as round flammable object... Safely and quietly.  Seen here in front of the Pegasus HQ. 
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