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Preparing children and young adults who are blind with the education, tools and skills they need to realize their potential.

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Happy #WorldBookDay! Whether you prefer #braille, #AudioBooks or #LargePrint, the Perkins Library has you covered. You can learn more about our services at
What will you read today?
[Image: A man sitting at his dining room table listens to an audiobook with his guide dog by his feet.]
Did you know in 1900 there were tools to communicate with people who were #deafblind? Visit the Perkins Museum or to learn more!
[Image: Multiple photos of people who are deafblind learning to communicate with others are posted on a green bulletin board. A wooden block with braille letters sits at the bottom of the case.]
The #DBIAmericas conference is well underway! Here at the 2018 Network of the Americas Conference, leaders are asking, "What does it mean to champion lifelong learning through partnerships?" It’s a vital question for a simple reason: In the #deafblind community, creating a more inclusive world is a collaborative effort. Check out some scenes from the first two days!
[Image: Perkins President and CEO Dave Power welcomes conference participants. Image 2: An interpreter using tactile sign language. Image 3: The audience offers Ed Bosso a round of applause.]
It has all lead to this. The auditorium is ready for the closing ceremony of #PerkinsHacks. #accessibility #AssistiveTechnology
Keller Sullivan Memorial Garden at night during #PerkinsHacks. This enclosed #garden on the west side of the Howe Building is dedicated to #HelenKeller and #AnneSullivan, former students of #PerkinsSchool. #PerkinsHistory #Deafblind #DeafblindEducation #Deafblindness #Accessibility @mlhacks
We taught some our hackers #Goalball to help unwind and get immersed in one of our students' favorite activities. Blindfolds force the players to use their other #senses to score points and defend their goals. We did some #scrimmaging and everyone got really into it. Here is one of the #GameWinning goals. #accessibility #PerkinsSchool #PerkinsHacks  @mlhacks
Welcome to our first-ever #PerkinsHacks! For the next 24 hours, hackers, mentors and sponsors will work on solving real problems faced by people who are #blind and #VisuallyImpaired. Follow #PerkinsHacks on Twitter for all the action! 📲
[Image: Students and attendees in Perkins’s Dwight for the opening ceremony.]
#Spring officially arrived at #PerkinsSchool this morning during our annual Spring Concert, which featured the Perkins Chorus, Band and Handbell Ensemble. Students in the Secondary Program performed a variety of genres, from classical to pop, in front of an adoring crowd.
[Image 1: Secondary Program students perform at the Spring Concert. Image 2: The Perkins band performs at the Spring Concert. Image 3: The Perkins Chorus sings at the Spring Concert. Image 4: The Handbell Ensemble performs at the Spring Concert.]
The Hilton Building, home to the #Deafblind Program has brand new signage! The granite sign displays "Hilton" in #tactile lettering and #braille for all to experience.
[Image: A granite sign reads “Hilton” in lettering and braille.]
On April 5, 1887 #HelenKeller discovered that there is meaning in the words Anne Sullivan signed to her using the manual alphabet. #DisHist #OnThisDay
[Image description: A photograph of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan seated facing one another.  Sullivan hold a book and uses the manual alphabet  to read to Keller whose hand rests palm up in her lap. Photograph by A. Marshall, 1902.]
People and technology make up a large part of the Perkins history. Enjoy a piece of history from our campus, taken with the help of @airaio. .
(Image: A display case in the Perkins museum, with pictures and postcards from historical names, the other showing old typewriters from Perkins Howe Press)
Happy #OpeningDay #RedSoxNation! #PerkinsSchool is rooting for the @redsox all the way to the World Series!
[Image 1: A young boy with a white cane at Fenway Park. Image 2: A young boy wears an oversized historic Red Sox jersey.]