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Pics and videos by Laurette for The Peterborough's Most Wanted show which goes out LIVE on PCRFM 103.2 every Monday from 7pm to 9pm

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Last Monday we had The Latiesha Maria Band come in and perform an amazing set, including Hallelujah! Make sure you tune in tomorrow at 7pm for more talent!
The fantastic ‘Racing The World’
If you are not listening in to the Peterborough’s Most Wanted Radio. I will catch you up. We have the amazing Georgia performing some beautiful original music, her Call me Maybe cover was great and her kindness is really shown when she recommends asking a pigeon if they are okay when participating in the 5 second challenge #dontmissout #bekindtopigeons
Great live music coming to the Parkway Sports and Social club This Friday from 7pm.  Holly Jean, Dan Knight and Graham James will all be performing
Why aren’t you listening to the amazing Georgia Evans singing on Peterborough’s Most Wanted Radio? Don’t miss out! #standbyme #jamesruinsthevibe
Abbey Road 5 put on a great performance on the show on Monday
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