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Deep impression blind magnolia + black letterpress on soft 600gsm cotton stock.
Unique hand illustrated magnolia together with her signature style ‘and’.
Designer: @paigetuzee_designs 
Printing: @peterkinpaper
Digital black on Bloom Blush 279gsm✨
Design @oakandivory_ 
Printing @peterkinpaper
White ink digital + Rose Gold Foil on Alchemy Ash 372gsm
Design: @willisandcharlie 
Stock + Print: @peterkinpaper
Now that’s a nice colour palette.
Gmund Hunter Green, Stone + Ivory wrapped in a Translucent Vellum Belly Band.
By the way, a new shipment of Gmund is on the water. I might not have been able to resist some new shades either 😆 #addictedtonew
Laura and Daniel’s design brought to you by the talented
B L U E  F O I L E D  E D G E S 
I can’t stop looking at and filming these samples we’ve created for our new Heavyweight Sample Pack. I’m not sure which is my favourite, but this dark blue on new Boston 700g is up there!
Available to order now on our website - It’s under the menu heading of Swatches & Tools..
To Eat 〰️ White Ink printed on Gmund Seedling card stock. Designer: @creativebirdseventstationery 
Printing: @peterkinpaper 
Venue: @clubtropicalresort 
Client: @eldersdarwin Annual Awards 🌿
Digital print on 300gsm Crane Lettra cotton stock.
Design: @lavastationery 
Printing: @peterkinpaper
NEW Rose Gold Edge Foil on NEW double-thick Gmund Colors NUDE 600gsm, specs Letterpresd In Black.
This sample is in our new Heavyweight Sample Pack along with FIVE other Edge Foiled samples you can show your clients. .
We can duplex and Edge Foil any Gmund Colors shades... even two different ones. 😆
Available to order on our website right now under Tools of the Trade.
⭐️ E D G E  F O I L ⭐️ The teasing is over - particularly for me! Available right now to add to your printing jobs. Go on. You know you want to!
If you’re on our database, keep your eyes out for my email announcement.
BIG thanks to my clever team for making this tricky project finally come together.! Cheers,Jodie
P.S. There’s a direct link in my stories to Edge Foiling on our website... 😉
Save the date 〰️
It doesn’t have to be over-the-top with lots of bling to look amazing (but we’ll still bling it every day of the week, right?)
White ink digital on Ebony for designer @paigetuzee_designs
♡ G R E Y  L E T T E R P R E S S 
Printed on Alchemy Ash 372gsm with an Alchemy Cinder iflap Envelope. ♡ ♡ ♡
Design: @studiosilva_ 
Print: @peterkinpaper
Designer: @thepaperempire 
Print: @peterkinpaper 
Stock: Crane Lettra 600gsm