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Isa sa mga favorite ko bilhin sa bakery ng SM Supermarket and Shopwise ay ang mga ensaymada. Perfect pasalubong para sa mga bagets after doing my errands. 
Tip para mas mabilis ang paghiwa at di makalat ang cheese at butter: chill.

Yes, chill chill mo muna ang iyong ensaymada sa fridge for at least 20 minutes bago hiwain. 😉

Happy birthday Kuya V! 😊

V wanted to have a dinosaur themed cake for his birthday. We are happy that @redribbonbakeshop has dino toppers for their dedication cake! 😊 I initially called for delivery but I was informed that toppers are available for pick up only at their store. So I visited the store, got the cake and toppers. Dino toppers is sold at 95 pesos. There are other themes available for both boys and girls. 😊
-- PMW logo not part of the cake, I just used it to cover V's real name. 😁 --
ATM: preparing the kids' merienda. I really appreciate brownie mixes most specially our favorite from @mayahotcakesandmore 😊

Watching over two toddlers climb and run around the house doesn't give me enough time to prepare baked goodies for them. But with mixes like this, I can whip cakes and brownies in no time. This mama is happy and so are the kids 😊 
The toddlers have been working on their Montessori cylinder knobs this morning. It's been a while since they last touched these. 3-year-old Z is getting faster completing 3 blocks. 20-month-old Bunso on the other hand can complete a block all on his own. 😊

Date time with Kuya V at the clubhouse. Bonding time  over orange juice, magic flakes, tortillos, coke, and his English worksheets. 😁

Choose to be kind. 😊

New #iponchallenge Coin banks arrived today! 😊

This type of coin bank worked for me in 2018 rather than saving in a glass jar or a plastic coin bank that I could open. I was not able to save as much as I wanted last year, but it was a decent amount to start with my home improvement projects this year. Yay! 
The coin banks I have at home are particularly used for special projects  such as home improvement, travel, or a particular item I'd like to purchase. I still (try to) save as much as I can for my bank account and insurance. So the moolah on these babies are guilt-free for my pleasure. Haha! 😄

Gotta write down my goals on my @myfinanceplanner 😊

Start the year right! 
Bunso has been using the 
Playful disposable diapers for a few days now. These diapers have aloe vera and Vitamin E to minimize the possibility of nappy rash and keep Bunso's skin soft and healthy. It has clothlike material with side leak guards. Ignis slept for almost 11 hours and the nappy still felt dry in the morning even if it was almost full.  Amazed that it's a taped diaper but it did not fall off him even if he's an active toddler. Definitely brings fun to kids and moms! 😊

The baby wipes also have aloe vera and vitamin E. They are alcohol and fragrance-free. 😊 And the sheets are thick and soft! Yay! 
Thank you again @playfulbabydiaper for sending these over. 😊

Saying goodbye to my @cherb_lelliebubb mei tai. Another mommy and baby will be enjoying this carrier. 😊

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

Day 2 of 2019: planning for this year. 😊

My tools: Joyful Daybook planner from @mercurydrugph Suki card, @myfinanceplanner by @tipidmommy 😊

“The bond between mothers and their children is one defined by love. As a mother’s prayers for her children are unending, so are the wisdom, grace, and strength they provide to their children.” —President George W. Bush

“I think that the power is the principle. The principle of moving forward, as though you have the confidence to move forward, eventually gives you confidence when you look back and see what you’ve done." - Robert Downey Jr.