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Did you know that thousands of English words come from the Greek language. Example such as ‘apology’, ‘marathon’, ‘alphabet’ and ‘zaddy’ #kassandra 🇬🇷
One of the most magical cities I’ve ever lived in! If it was good enough for Sharon Stone it was good enough for me! #petrissi #balneáriocamboriú 🇧🇷
Loving how Monday is suddenly only a few hours away again 😟
Right before being reported for looking suspicious outside these houses. #london 🇬🇧
O Brasil que eu quero tem coxinhas grátis e pesadas! 👌🏽 #riodejaneiro 🇧🇷
Hypothermia - IT’S AWESOME ❄️ #helsinki 🇫🇮
Imagine your shock when you realise that when you drill down to the essence of love you find ME! #pride #london 🇬🇧
Everybody deserves acceptance, freedom and love...except Trump (he’s a d1ck). 🌈 #petrissi #pride #london 🇬🇧
Try and spot the whale 🐳 #sripanwa #phuket 🇹🇭
Has anyone ever noticed that in almost every language the translation of ‘night’ & ‘eight’ sounds really similar? For example:
🇪🇸 noche & ocho
🇵🇹 noite & oito 🇬🇷 νύχτα (nicta) & οκτώ (octo)
🇫🇷 nuit & huit ...I’m calling the police
You too can look drunk and confused in the park 🤤 #london 🇬🇧
As Greece didn’t get this far, time for Plan B! 🇧🇷 ⚽️