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沽 #foodporn
Never stop dancing 汳Å沛サfind the look at 笨ィ @zumba @zumbawear #letitmoveyou #zumbawear
Hope you all had a fab Mother's Day沍ケ
The cutest necklaces from my favourite jewellery brand @shopfairyjewellery check them out girlies! my extra posing as per usual #makeupjunkie #makeupselfie #motd #smokeyeye #morphebrushes (makeup details will be uploaded soon)
Don't try to tell me otherwise 汳Å沛サ
The most gorgeous dress 笨ィ
I could eat this again 沽 #foodporn
Happy late Valentine's Day everyone 沍ケ hope you all had a fabulous day 笨ィ I spent it in bed like every other year frantically sobbing watching bridget jones diary bingeing on enough chocolate to pass as a child with type 2 diabetes 汳Å沛サ I've had a lot going on in my personal life like every other human being on this planet and decided it'd be a good decision to take a dry spell from all social media. I haven't uploaded a video in a while purely down to my macbook having some now resolved issues, and what a pain in the butt that was 泗沛サ I also started a blog, I always wanted to take up journalism so I decided that a blog would be a good outlet for me. Link to it in my bio if anyone's interested, I窶冦 hoping for it to be a combo of nostalgic lists aka life advice, beauty products, and fashion.
There窶冱 also going to be the odd fragments of homeware, food and fitness. #blogger #beauty #fashion #food #fitness #ineverhashtaganymore
These boots are made for walking. #OOTD
After a long overdue social media break I'm back 笨ィ #londonlife
I think this has to be possibly one of my favourite palettes on this earth 沽サ Will be posting a video on my channel playing with this so be sure keep an eye out #makeupjunkie #holygrail #palette