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Preview of photos featured in the 2019 yearbook and more! 📷
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Witness the winter guard team’s hustle that placed them third at competition this past season.
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Featuring @feit.the.rae.of.light, @morgan.erdley, @gabb_kintz, @jess_7356, and @yay.martina
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Get a glimpse of the Global Ambassadors (@pfhsga) summit, where @liyls.official brings together students from Loudoun County to engage with youth from different countries across the world.
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Featuring @kazjer_12, @adrienne.yeh, and @sophgroot, alongside their exchange students @rvbihn, @dklee0101, and @jonathansyljuasen.
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Take a peek at the process it takes for SCA and SAB members to put on a pep rally.
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Featuring: @john_le11 | @paolo_orosa | @alliebatch3
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