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Preview of photos featured in the 2018 yearbook and more! 📷 school code: 13182


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You know you wanna see what the hype is about. We’ve got 20 yearbooks left to sell- bring $$ to rm 239 tomorrow to get one before we sell out!
HEY YOU! YES YOU! Do you want to see MORE pages like these? 🤩🙌🏼😍👀We’re outside of Dr. Wolfe’s Office and we have the yearbooks! Stop by and pick up yours today. If you haven’t bought your book yet, there’s still time! We only have 30 books left before we sell out, so get yours today!
IT’S ABOUT TIME! THEY’RE HEREEEEEEEE 🙌🏼🤤👀🕺🏼😍Distribution is in TWO days (Thursday)!! Have you bought yours? If not...bring $ to room 239 and get yours while you still can!
The look you give when someone says they haven’t bought a yearbook 🤔 distribution is this THURSDAY. ALL DAY. In the main hallway! Come before school (8:45), during lunch or core or in between classes to pick up your book. Didn’t buy one yet? Bring $$ to rm 239 ASAP to get one before they’re gone! 📷 @abbydetorie
(Color) RUN to room 239 tomorrow and bring $$ to buy a yearbook. DISTRIBUTION DAY IS NEXT WEEK! We’ve still got a few books left to sell! 🤩🌈✨🌀
📷 @abbydetorie
Don’t know if you’ve HEARD, but the yearbooks arrive NEXT WEEK! Don’t miss out!! We’ve got 50 books left to sell. Bring $ to rm 239 before distribution to guarantee you get a book! 📷 @abbydetorie
If you haven’t bought a yearbook yet, there’s one more hurdle to get through — bring a check or cash tomorrow to rm 239! You can fill out the order form right there (or print one offline now if you really wanna 🤗 go to the school website. Click activities then yearbook) The books arrive NEXT WEEK!!! DON’T MISS OUT.
Let the countdown begin! 15 days til yearbook distribution!! Which means the last 2 weeks of school will be spent signing yearbooks and flipping through them in between testing 👏🏻 don’t miss out - bring $$ to rm 239 to get one before they’re gone!
SENIORS got any other gems like this? Send them in to potomacfallsybk@gmail.com to get them in the senior slideshow!
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