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Preview of photos featured in the 2018 yearbook and more! 📷 school code: 13182


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What’d you do over WINTER BREAK? ⛷ SEND US YOUR PICTURES to get them included in the yearbook. Email potomacfallsybk@gmail.com
Come out tonight to support the girls basketball teams against Briar Woods! 🏀 and buy your yearbook!!!!
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Sometimes we build yearbooks ... and sometimes we build gingerbread houses 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️ Buy a yearbook to see our real work! ☃️
3 DAYS LEFT. @pfhslink got in the spirit this morning by having a 🍪exchange. How will you be celebrating winter break? EMAIL US your pics to be included in the book. Potomacfallsybk@gmail.com 📷 @abbydetorie
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Congrats to the boys [AND GIRLS😊] b-ball teams for beating Dominion - the boys won 61-47 last night. Wanna see MORE basketball? Buy a yearbook! [two days left to save $20] 📷 @s_hamilton23
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