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Raconteur; Troublemaker; Magician. • Trickster 2018 Live Tour - on sale now • fb.me/phelanmagician • Bookings and enquiries 👇🏻


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Sheer holiday blues now #fomo
“Now I know why you like being on stage so much, you can’t see anyone so you’re basically talking to yourself” - Donna Phelan, 15th June 2018. #tbt to the mother’s birthday. Sorry I’m such an embarrassment ❣❣️❣️
Look at all those holiday blues. #pcd
The absolute best.
218 Dirty Shirley’s, 56 courses, 14 nights, 12 cards, 10 lbs, 8 ports, 4 suits, and countless tricks later, it’s over. Independence, you’ve been a dream. Until next time.
Same chat, different ship. Because the old ones are the good ones, and I have a limited selection of gags. #independenceoftheseas
Little man, big door.
On Wednesdays we wear pink. #independenceoftheseas #royalcaribbean
Life’s a beach, but don’t hate la playa, hate the game. #independenceoftheseas
Getting wavey with partner in crime #pandoed
Feeling a bit nauti ⚓️
Same picture, different year. Getting some Vitamin Sea #pandoed (photo cred @patrick_maughan_)