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Beautiful Handcrafted Photo Booth • GIFs • Custom Branding • Props + Backdrops • Custom layouts • Green Screen📍PA. NJ.

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Cheers for those Fridays that are really a Sunday’s in the event & wedding industry! 🥂✨ #motivationfriday 📸 by @balloonbar
Let’s talk about open air photo booths! 
How many people you see on that photo? 💁‍♀️ That’s right, more than 10 🧐which is the advantage of this kind of booth. And they look just like that famous quote! “The more the merrier” ⚡️🖤
May the stache be with you 😎 📸 by @balloonbar
We are back from vacation, and checking our last weddings before we hit the road make me want to print tons of this photos to make a huge collage in the office! 📸

In Carly & John’s wedding we had a blast with their family & friends. They were so creative, full of energy and super friendly. Plus all the details and greenery decor was espectacular 🙌🌿 We felt soooo happy to have had been part of their wedding.
How are you celebrating this Labor Day weekend? 
Cheers 🥂 to all the workers around the world, to great ideas, new projects and dreams! 💡

Whatever you do, give yourself some time off from work and do something that inspires you and gives you time to relax with family & friends! 🛀🏻🏖🧗🏻‍♀️
It’s such a beautiful feeling when you, as a small business owner, get to work with the brands you love. I’ve been following @poshmark #poshpartylive events around the US and couldn’t believe when I checked my inbox 🙏😍 I went with my bests friends for 2017 #poshnation & 2018 #poshpartylive for their events in Philadelphia 🙌
Thank you so much for having us in your Posh Parties 💃🏼 Also, the coolest thing was, I wasn’t just working there, I was also taking notes 🧠 and picked great info from the amazing Posh team ✨📸
Isn’t such a cool idea of making money from your own closet? 💁‍♀️ The founder of @poshmark Manish Chandra, visualize technology & fashion allowing everyone to sell & buy new or used clothing, shoes & accessories. 
Check out our last post to learn more about it & see photos of their last #poshpartylive in Philadelphia 🙌📸 (link in profile) and level up your posh store 👗👠 #phlbloggers
Let Your Fashion Freak Fly 👠👙👗💄💋Sneak peak of #poshpartylive in Philadelphia, PA 
Tip for couples & photo booth owners 💁‍♀️: Not sure if has happen to you, but everyone is having a blast taking photos and you haven’t see your bride and groom yet doing their session. 
Make sure to have a photo of all the  bridesmaids +groomsmen + bride and groom. ✨

The night goes so fast with many things going that we don’t want them to miss their photo 🙀📸 so, we may have to look for them 🗣😉
Poshmark is coming to Philly and we can’t be more excited 🙌

This event is for everyone who loves fashion, and is willing to learn how to take a business to the next level connecting with awesome folks! 
Bring your best outfit for awesome & unlimited prints with us 😉

Event: August 23rd 6 - 9 pm Check their website for tickets @poshmark
We wanted to add something fun & fresh to corporate events, that’s why we are so excited to introduce “Color Pop Headshot” ⚡️📸 If you could choose a color that best describes you for a headshot, which would it be? Write it below 👇
Yay! Our modern hive 🐝backdrop matched perfectly with these gorgeous bridesmaids dresses & lovely bride✨

We couldn’t be more happy to join Kathryn & Daniel in such a happy & colorful wedding! 
We LOVE their energy, personality and how they rock their photos ⚡️📸 Cheers🥂