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It took me a while to come in terms with the news, but it finally came down on me. I didn't cry until this morning, love, but people have been asking : am I alright? I wasn't alright, it was unreal for me. You were miles away, and now you went even further away. 
You were never a bad memory, nothing about you I remember is bad. You were all smiles, laughs, jokes and love. Even when you named your paladin Phixuscares in my absence and had people called you Phix instead, I thought it was cute of you. It just means I was in your life, that I was among those that fills your cup. And now, can I forgive myself for not knowing  about your battle until it's too late? Am I allowed to mourn?
But I'm sorry, love, let me grieve just a little bit more. 
Rest in Peace, Eric Lee. I miss you.
#inktober2018 #tranquil #tabikaeru #phixuscarus
#inktober2018 #poisonous #phixuscarus
Very messy sketch of the boyyo #midoriyaizuku #deku #sketch
Old art, because the AU was brought up again a while ago. Back then when I have a lot of time to draw. I miss gushing about Oofuri and Abe. ❤️ #oofuri #ookikufurikabutte #sketches #mihashiren #sakaeguchiyuuto #tajimayuuichirou #momoemaria
💩 #personal #somethingIwhipup #personalizedwallpaper
Haven't post any of these but lookie, little things I've done for SHCJ🍊 Malaysia 😘. (I only provided the art and another SHCJ🍊 made it to merchandises.) I want to have more time and space to create simple stuff for merchs like these. 🙂 #shcjmalaysia #shcj #chibishinhwa #myart 🍊🍊🍊
Just a Junta laughing at you (me). Friend's artwork.
I don't know anymore.
Comfort. #sketch