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👪Family Owned Since 1985
📍1644 Cherry Ave, LB CA
🍜Open: Tuesday-Sunday
🕒Hours: 7am-3pm
📨Hiring: TheNoodleShack@Gmail

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Chluy Bowl - Number 10 on the menu. Includes your choice of Noodles, small intestines, quail eggs, and Deep Fried Pork Skins @phnompenhnoodleshack #ppnoodleshack #hellachluy 😜🍜
Mekala - Number 12 on the Menu. Ready to Serve 💁🍜 @phnompenhnoodleshack 🎥:@thehungrymo
Round Breads (Nome Hing). Out of the Fryer into the basket. @phnompenhnoodleshack #ppnoodleshack 🍞🔥🍞🔥🍞
👌Tested Foodie Approved. While Supply Last @pourthepanda 🐼🌶
Loat Cha w/Chicken, beansprouts, chives, and Chinese broccoli. Drinking their crack coffee @phnompenhnoodleshack #ppnoodleshack 📸:Anthony
Beef Stew x Breadsticks @phnompenhnoodleshack #ppnoodleshack 🐮🍜🍅🍞🔥
There's a New Chili Oil in Town! We are collaborating with @pourthepanda to enhance your Noodle Experience! For a Limited Time Only, Purple Panda Chili Oil we'll be available here @phnompenhnoodleshack Just Ask the Server for The Panda Chili Oil. They'll gladly bring it to you. Please let us know what you think! For more information and where to buy, contact @pourthepanda 🐼🌶🔥
Thanks to all who applied! We are still hiring! If you know anyone who wants to learn, gain experience, and become apart of a wonderful group of Noodle Lovers, please help spread the word. Anyone and everyone is welcome! We're looking forward to working with you! #respect 🙌💯
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...because every picture tells a story... #family#lunch#memories @phnompenhnoodleshack #ppnoodleshack 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🍜🍞
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Seafood Mekatang- big rice noodles, Chinese broccoli, carrots, eggs and a seafood top with @yeakinc Hot (Happy) Sauce @phnompenhnoodleshack #ppnoodleshack #yeak 🍜🦑🍳😊
Crave for this today 😫.... #hutiu #ppnoodleshack 🍜🍞
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Inexpensive and always delicious. One of my favorite Cambodian dish. House Special Rice Porridge. #ppnoodleshack 😋🍲