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It’s 4 degrees outside @matteau 📷@ilona_hamer at studio doggy
Tomorrow, I will march in NYC for AIIA MAASARWE.

Aiia was in a busy area in Melbroune, a city I know well,  was on the phone with her sister, knew the area she was in, was close to home, took public transport. 
Being a woman, and getting home safely is a right. 

How many women have to be abused, killed, frightened, assaulted, until something in this society changes. 
Men NEED to be held accountable, men NEED to to suffer consequences when they take advantage of women, when they hurt us, abuse us, underpay us, belittle us, take away our power, our right to be treated equally and fairly. 
This isn’t a societal issue, this is a humanitarian crisis. 
We march tomorrow not just for women, but to FIGHT BACK against bigotry and discrimination, racism, Anti-Semitism, Transphobia, Xenophobia, nonsensical  gun laws, Islamaphobia, White Supremacy and DENYING THOSE OF BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, all over the world. 
Aiia Masarwe should be alive today. 
Christine Ford shouldn’t have  to watch Brett Kavanaugh take office, after so bravely sharing her story, in the hopes that other women don’t have to be silent when they are abused. 
Women all over the world shouldn’t be afraid to report their rapists. 
Members of the LGBTQI community should have equal opportunities, shouldn’t be afraid of being who they are, people of color shouldn’t be discriminated against, government workers shouldn’t be working without pay and worrying about how they are going to put food on the table, 

And lastly, 20 year old girls shouldn’t be afraid to take public transport, in a busy area, on the way home from a night with friends. 
March with me. Lets show the world that enough is enough. That something WILL change, and our voices will be heard. 
NYC TOMORROW, please please join me and my friends as we show how loud our voices can be. 🖤 #womensmarch #womenswave
This is a cover. 
I’m so so proud of you girls @ilona_hamer @alexandranataf @unconditionalmagazine 🖤 
The Body Issue, made by women for women x
@muddypawsrescuenyc 🖤
Happy Birthday Dogggg I couldn’t love you more @ilona_hamer here’s to more photobooth outfit swaps and home made orange juice ♥️ oh the adventures we’ve had, I can’t wait for a million more. xx
HBD angel monkey @fingermonkey ✨
My talented @adelaideclemensraddles was so wonderful in #thehardproblem at the Lincoln Center, it’s only on for one more night tomorrow but if you can go, please do. I’m so proud of you Addie, you’ve come a long way since playing Puck in the Shakespeare Festival (I was the Wall) but you’ve always been a star. I love you and I’m so wildly impressed by your talent. 
I had to include my nails because I never have patience to let them dry but a night at the theatre to see one of my oldest friends on Broadway was worth keeping my fingers out of the cookie jar ♥️
Ballet Baller with @balletbeautiful 💜 Love you and our mutual love of Victorian nighties. #vermontcountryshoppe
Life is ✨ 🌏💙🦋 @halolorraine
50 shades of fayana. 
Happy Birthday to my ride or die. You know how I feel about you, and all that you’ve done for me. You deserve a medal. You really do.
Words will never be enough to describe my love for you. Fayana Forever.
Church of the Blue Dome :)
Clear Eyes Full Hearts can’t lose ♥️ 2019, To the best one yet, I feel very lucky x