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Coach Becca with Kerry and Hector running the marathon near mile 20. Check out the volleyball players giving their support, including Coach Biz and Alysia!
6 weeks #commitment 5 Mondays , 6 Wednesdays All in #coconutgrove $275
Total cost. #investinyourgame
Who is ready for Winter season?
#coconutgrove #miamivolleyball #afterschool
The clean up was awesome and Kennedy Park is now open for play!
Thanks so much for the 20+ volunteers who lent a hand to clean up and fix the courts!
It was a super nice community effort. 
#irmacleanup #grovestrong #coconutgrove Rebecca Bloise-Manning
Help clean up the volleyball courts from Irma. #irma #riseup #rebuild #coconutgrove Kennedy Park today at 5pm. Bring a rake!
Kennedy Park will live to play another day! 沽沛栓汨. Stay safe!
Bring your sand bags to your local beach volleyball  court after the storm!  #riseup
I hope everyone make indoor teams they may be trying out for soon! 
For those who don't, remind them to RISE UP with the Phoenix Beach Volleyball Fall season. 
We will have various coaches and courts for different levels and ages. 
Elementary aSchool
Middle School 
And High School 
We start next week, August 21. 
Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5 till 6:30 @ Kennedy Park!
This Thursday Phoenix Beach Volleyball Will host an Free Play Thursday at 6:30 @ Kennedy Park in the Grove to promote our "No Jungle Ball" co-ed league. 
We will mainly play 4s but first we will review "clean" beach volleyball rules, discuss 4-person strategies and run a few quick drills to help your game and your timing. Please come and bring a friend. 
#beachvolleyball #coconutgrove #miamisingles
Big news!
Please help me spread the word to the families of the girls and boys who are ready to step up theirs game and take Beach volleyball a little more seriously. #summercampmiami #coconutgrove #riseup #beachvolleyball
Cool drill!
Make space your friend not your enemy! #beachvolleyball #coconutgrove #summercampmiami
One more day. Announcing Travel team tryouts June 22! #coconutgrove #beachvolleyball #riseup #summercampmiami
Great first day with College beach and indoor coach Hyrum Keime! My former player! #beachvolleyball #coconutgrove  #riseup