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DaoDi, non-sulphur treated Chinese herbs 中草药 🌿 and #acupuncture needles 针灸针📍| NHS, RCHM & ATCM approved dispensary | Based in the UK 🇬🇧

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Bookings are now open for our ⛩Shanghai Study Trip 2018!⛩
📆Dates: 28th October - 10th November
📍Where: Shanghai University of TCM and affiliated hospitals
💷Cost: £2160 (incl. VAT, accommodation and all activities) - pay deposit today and the rest later.
💬Reviews: click the link in our bio
Clinical observation in Shanghai's best hospitals 🏨and clinics
As an exclusive partner to Shanghai University of TCM, we welcome acupuncturists and herbalists to join us on our 2-week study trip this autumn.
📋Over 100 patients a day 📋
You'll have the chance to take part in diagnosis and observe treatments under some of Shanghai's best doctors in two renowned hospitals. .
👨‍🎓Recommended for new graduates 👩‍🎓
To prepare you for the clinical world, this study trip is fantastic for getting exposure to all kinds of cases. We'll be visiting clinics such as musculoskeletal disorders, neurological disorders, gynaecology and more. .
💬No language barrier 💬
We'll have an interpreter on hand, but most Shanghainese doctors and even patients speak English, so you can focus on learning.
🔒Book now, pay later🔒
All we need is the deposit to secure your place. You can pay the rest in 3 easy installments.
#SubstituteSaturday helps practitioners by offering safe herbal alternatives to animal products. At Phoenix, we never have and never will condone the use of animal products in TCM and we believe all practitioners should share our ideology. .
RHINO HORN V BAN LAN GEN 🌿 Sadly, Rhino's are an endangered species, with only 30,000 left in the wild in the entire world. It has been used in TCM to relieve heat in the blood, to stop bleeding and to purge fire and reduce toxins. However, Ban Lan Gen has many of the same properties and is 100% safe and effective and does not harm any animals 🦏 . 
If you would like to shop our herbal range, please visit or contact to find out more about our partnership with Animals Asia. 
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As part of our Healing Without Harm Campaign with Animals Asia, #SubstituteSaturday allows us to share herbal alternatives to prevent the use of animal products in TCM.
TIGER CLAW V SUAN ZAO REN 🌿🐯 Tiger claw has been used as a sedative for insomnia for thousands of years in TCM. Almost every part of the tiger is considered sacred and capable of healing in TCM. Tigers are in serious danger of becoming extinct with only aroubd 3,200 left in the wild so Suan Zao Ren is a great alternatively. Other herbs such as Fu Ling and He Shou Wu Lu are also effective substitutes to tiger claw at treating insomnia. .
Visit to purchase the mentioned herbs or contact us at 01245 350822 to find out more about herbal alternatives! 
#SubstituteSaturday #TCM #CHM #TraditionalChineseMedicine #ChineseHerbalMedicine #AnimalsAsia #HealingWithoutHarm #EndAnimalCruelty #RaisingAwareness #UntilTheCrueltyEnds #AnimalWelfare #HerbalMedicine #ChineseHerbs
We are at the TCM Research Conference at Kew Gardens today! We have a large selection of dry herbs, concentrated herbal granules and nutrition products with us. If you are attending, be sure to come and say hello and try our delicious Da Hong Zao, Long Yan and Goji Berries! 😍🌿 #acupuncture #TCM #CHM #traditionalchinesemedicine #herbalmedicine #kewgardens #chinesemedicine #TCMconference
We are pleased to announce we are supporting @AnimalsAsia in our latest campaign: Healing without Harm! At Phoenix, we are against the sale and use of animal derived products in Chinese medicine.  To try and prevent the use of animal products in TCM, #SubstituteSaturday will showcase the best herbal alternatives to help protect endangered species! .
BEAR BILE V HUANG LIAN 🌿 Bear bile has been used in TCM for centuries, sadly killing and injuring thousands of defenseless bears in China and Vietnam. Bears are bred and confined to a life in tiny cages, forced to suffer through painful prodedures to have bile extracted from their gall bladders.
However, Huang Lian is just as a effective at treating liver disease and cancer - the two main uses of bear bile. The herb removes damp, purges fire and helps to detoxify the body, and the best bit of all - doesn't harm any bears! .
To purchase Huang Lian, please visit or to find out how you can help end bear bile farms, visit 🐻
#SubstituteSaturday #TCM #CHM #TraditionalChineseMedicine #ChineseHerbalMedicine #AnimalsAsia #HealingWithoutHarm #EndBearBileFarming #RaisingAwareness #UntilTheCrueltyEnds #AnimalWelfare #HerbalMedicine #ChineseHerbs
We are against the sale and use of animal-derived products in TCM, so we are exceptionally proud to announce our latest partnership with Animals Asia! .
Animals Asia’s mission is to end the farming of bears for bile in Vietnam and China and have currently rescued over 500 bears. .
We are extremely proud to be working with a like-minded charity. To kickstart the campaign, we will be donating 10p per order for every order placed to Animals Asia. Customers will also have the opportunity to donate at the checkout when they place an order. We have plenty in store to help us raise money and awareness for Animals Asia, including donation packs which will allow you to show your support in your clinics. We also have infographics, Instagram posts and blog posts which you can share with your clients. All proceeds go directly to Animals Asia.
Visit to find out more about our partnership
#TCM #CHM #TraditionalChineseMedicine #ChineseHerbalMedicine #AnimalsAsia #EndAnimalCruelty #ChineseMedicine #HerbalMedicine #ChineseHerbs #HealingWithoutHarm #UntilTheCrueltyEnds #AnimalWelfare #RaisingAwareness
Can’t decide which International Jing Fang Conference course is best for you? Our CPD Course Bundle tickets allows you entry to THREE days of CPD courses and saves you at least £150! .
This one ticket gives you entry to; Arnaud Versluys’ course on ‘The Treatment of Auto-Immune Disorders’, Feng Shi Lun and Tao You Qiang’s course on ‘Treatment of Asthma & Bi Syndromes’ and Robert Yao’s course on ‘Female Infertility, Blood Stagnation & Related Diseases’. .
We are currently offering an additional 10% off ALL tickets including course bundles with the code: PHOENIX10! However, the code is only valid until 30/06/2018 so we advise booking now to avoid disappointment. Visit to secure your place!
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We are just a few months away from the first ever International Jing Fang Conference! There are a few tickets left but spaces are limited. Phoenix customers can save an additional 10% all tickets with the discount code: PHOENIX10. This code is only valid until 30/06/2018 so we advise booking now to avoid disappoint! Visit to book tickets. #JingFang #CHM #TCM #Acupuncture #TCMeducation #HerbalMedicine #ChineseHerbalMedicine #ClassicalFormulas #CPDCourse #ThursdayThoughts #Moxibustion #ChineseMedicine #TraditionalChineseMedicine
We are thrilled to have Dr Wei Chieh Young and Dr Michael Chong here in London to teach The Complete Course of Tung's Acupuncture hosted by Phoenix Academy!  The sell-out 4 day event is an extensive insight into Master Tung's theories and Dr Young's life-long career teaching and practicing  Tung's points. .
We plan to host future Tung Masterclasses next year. If you would like to find out more or join the waiting list, please contact us at
#Acupuncture #MasterTung #DrWeiChiehYoung #DrMichaelChong #TungsPoints #AcupunctureEducation #TCM #AcupunctureNeedles #AcupunctureMasterclass #TungAcupuncture #CPDcourse
We are pleased to introduce a new range of medicinal mushroom supplements from @Mycology_Nutrition. From Cordiceps to Coriolus, we have nine different mushroom varieties in capsules or raw powders. Shop now via the link in our bio!
New to Chinese Medicine? Our foundation course is perfect for you! You can follow on from this course with Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine or Tuina courses. .
The 3 month course focuses on the basic theories and the shared common elements from Yin/Yang and 5 elements to diagnostic methods and syndrome pattern differentiation. It also emphasises the understanding of the meridians system, the basic treatment principle and lifestyle advice.
The 6 lectures will be taught in English in London by Dr Fanyi Meng, Senior Lecturer & Programme Leader of the Acupuncture undergraduate degree at the University of Lincoln. .
This course is especially useful to those who have done professional training in related healthcare subjects. If you would like to know more please contact 01245 350822 or visit 
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We have recently returned from Rothenburg where we attended the TCM Kongress. Although this time we were not exhibiting but supporting our new team members - China Purmed!
It is our pleasure to announce that China Purmed is now part of the Phoenix family! China Purmed has been a longstanding business partner and friend to the company and we’re really excited to work with them. They are a well-respected supplier of acupuncture needles and TCM supplies situated in Germany.
As Peter Waltz (top left) built his career as a TCM practitioners, he saw an opportunity to provide better quality TCM products to the German market and so he sought his sister Brigitte Antoniou’s (top centre) help and started China Purmed over 20 years ago.
This year marks a new chapter with China Purmed as a parent company. Through our resources in supply chain, marketing and education, we’ll be modernising and refining China Purmed for continued success. Together with Peter, Brigitte and the team, we hope to improve the standards and availability of Chinese medicine!
#TCM #Acupuncture #CHM #TCMKongress #Rothenburg #ChineseHerbalMedicine #TraditionalChineseMedicine #HerbalMedicine #ChineseHerbs #MondayMotivation #NaturalMedicine #AlternativeMedicine #AlternativeRemedies