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DaoDi, non-sulphur treated Chinese herbs 中草药 🌿 and #acupuncture needles 针灸针📍| NHS, RCHM & ATCM approved dispensary | Based in the UK 🇬🇧

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Proudly working with @animalsasia to help stop the use of animal products in TCM 🖤 #SubstituteSaturday ⠀
SCORPION VS ZHI BAI FU ZI 🦂🌿 Scorpion or Quan Xie is used in Chinese medicine for tracking down and expelling wind to stop tremors and convulsions. However, Quan Xie has toxic side effects, including respiratory paralysis, spasms and drooling. As it is an animal product and toxic - we do not condone the use of Qua Xie. ⠀
Zhi Bai Fu Zi is a great herbal alternative and is 100% safe 💯. Much like Quan Xie,  it is effective at expelling wind and stopping spasms to treat facial paralysis, tetanus and convulsions. Zhi Bai Fu Zi is also used to dry dampness, transform phelgm and relieve toxicity 💚⠀
If you would like to know more about our Healing Without Harm campaign or any of the herbs mentioned, get in touch! #TCM #TraditionalChineseMedicine #ChineseMedicine #CHM #ChineseHerbalMedicine #HerbalMedicine #ChineseHerbs #AnimalsAsia #UntilTheCrueltyStops #AnimalWelfare #TCMeducation #Acupuncture
We are the proud Gold Sponsors 🌟 at the BAcC Gate of Life Conference in Coventry this weekend! The conference is exploring how acupuncture can benefit insomnia, PTSD, infertility and more📍We are showcasing some of our best-loved products including needles, herbs and our new Muscle Comfort Plasters 💪🏼 check out our story for behind the scenes content! #TCM #traditionalchinedemedicine #acupuncture #acupuncturists #BAcC #GateOfLife #chinesemedicine #alternativetherapy #HappySaturday
Thinking about supplying Phoenix needles? Well, you've come to the right place! Unlike other suppliers, we manufacture our acupuncture needles so there is no middle-man mark up on the cost! ⠀
We believe quality is key:⠀
📄 27-step quality control process ⠀
📍 Each needle is produced using our fully automated production line ⠀
🔬 Needles are checked digitally and then through a microscope⠀
🤝 Exclusive relationship with our factories ⠀
📏 Facilities to adapt and produce new styles ⠀
If you would like to know more about our quality control or to find out how to supply Phoenix needles, please get in touch! #TCM #TraditionalChineseMedicine #ChineseMedicine #Acupuncture #AcupunctureNeedles #Acupuncturists #WednesdayWisdom #Physiotherapists #ChineseAcupunctureNeedles #KoreanAcupunctureNeedles #NaturalRemedies #AlternativeMedicine
Phoenix Medical working with @animalsasia to stop the use of animal products in Chinese medicine 🖤 #SubstituteSaturday
FLYING SQUIRREL FAECES VS PU HUANG 🐿️🌿 Squirrel faeces or Wu Ling Zhi is a herb that helps to regulate blood. It is favoured in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its ability to invigorate blood, dispel blood stasis and alleviate pain to benefit amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea and postpartum abdominal pain. However, as it is an animal derived product - we do not condone the use of Wu Ling Zhi.
Pu Huang is also a herb that regulates the blood and is an effective herbal alternative. Like Wu Ling Zhi, it can invigorate the blood and dispel blood stasis to treat chest pain, postpartum abdominal pain and menstrual pain due to blood stasis. It is also effective at stopping bleeding by astringing and promoting urination. And best of all? It is 100% natural 💚
If you would like to know more about our herbal range or our work with Animals Asia, please get in touch at 💻 
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Professional Herbs for Herbal Professionals 🌿 Our mission is to supply authentic herbs that have been cultivated at the place of origin. Not only do we ensure that all of our operations comply with EU regulations, but we also take extra care to ensure all of our herbs are not treated with  any disruptive agents such as sulphur, pesticides , herbicides or fungicides. ---------------
🌿Grown in GAP certified fields
📑Batch-to-batch Certificates of Analysis available
‍🔬On-site PaoZhi processing
🏮Traditional decoction methods to ensure classical results 🔗Complete field-to-patient supply chain ensuring herbs are 100% traceable ---------------
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Working with @animalsasia to stop the use of animal products in Chinese medicine 🖤 #SubstituteSaturday .
DONKEY-HIDE V HAN LIAN CAO 🐎🌿 Donkey-hide gelatin or E Jiao is obtained from the skin of the donkey by soaking and stewing. In the mid-2010's, donkey prices in many places around the world began to rise sharply amid Chinese herbalism demands. E Jiao is favoured for it's ability to tonify and nourish the blood and yin to treat dizziness, palpitations and irritability. However, the process is cruel and unnesscary as there are herbal substitutes. .
We recommend using Han Lian Cao as a herbal alternative! The herb has similar properties to donkey-hide as it is effective at nourishing and tonifying yin to treat dizziness, blurred vision and vertigo. It is also used to cool the blood whilst stopping bleeding to treat hematemesis, hemoptysis, epistaxis, hemafecia and hematuria. Please note: Han Lian Cao is also known as Mo Han Lian. .
If you would like to know more about our work with Animals Asia or any other herbal substitutes, please contact us! 💚 #TCM #TraditionalChineseMedicine #ChineseMedicine #CHM #ChineseHerbalMedicine #HerbalMedicine #ChineseHerbs #HealingWithoutHarm #UntilTheCrueltyStops #AnimalsAsia #AnimalWelfare #Acupuncture #TCMEducation
Have you tried our herbal dispensary? If not, why not?! We offer a comprehensive dispensary service which is convenient and efficient for herbalists to use. ----------
🌿Largest range of over 600 dry herbs & granules, including 70+ PaoZhi processed herbs
💊Variety of formats & solutions to suit yours and your patients needs 💯100% non-sulphur treated herbs, sourced from GAP certified fields & GMP factories 📫Free next day delivery on orders placed between 2:30pm*
📦Flat pack, resealable zip-lock packaging for freshness & efficiency ----------
If you are new to our dispensary, we are offering new customers a FREE two week trial to try our quality and service for yourself. Please contact Charlotte on to find out more or visit #TCM #TraditionalChineseMedicine #CHM #ChineseHerbalMedicine #HerbalDispensary #HerbalMedicine #ClassicalHerbalMedicine #ChineseMedicine #WednesdayWisdom #ChineseHerbalDispensary #ConcentratedHerbalMedicine #ConcentratedHerbalGranules
Working with @animalsasia to stop the use of animals products in Chinese medicine 🖤
PANGOLIN SCALES V WANG BU LIU XING 🐜🌿 Pangolin or Chuan Shan Jia is the most heavily-trafficked mammal on Earth. Between 2004 and 2014, more than a million pangolins were poached worldwide. Pangolins or Scaly Anteaters are favoured in TCM for their medicinal properties. Chuan Shan Jia is most commonly used to invigorate blood, unblock menstruation and promote lactation. However, the use of Pangolin scales in Chinese medicine has left these animals critically endangered. .
Using a herbal alternative like Wang Bu Liu Xing is imperative in helping to save endangered animals and promoting HERBAL medicine. 🌿 Wang Bu Liu Xing is also known to promote movement of blood, promote lactation and invigorate the channels, therefore unblocking menstruation. The herb is also effective at reducing swelling, especially of the breast or testicles, draining abscesses and promoting the healing of incised wounds. And the best bit about Wang Bu Liu Xing? It is 100% natural! 💚 .
If you would like to know more about herbal substitutes or our work with Animals Asia, please contact
#SubstituteSaturday #TCM #TraditionalChineseMedicine #ChineseMedicine #ChineseHerbalMedicine #CHM #HerbalMedicine #TCMeducation #AnimalsAsia #UntilTheCrueltyEnds #HealingWithoutHarm #ChineseHerbs #AnimalWelfare #Acupuncture
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We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your TCM needs! ⛩️ Our mission has always been the same - to provide the best Chinese medicinal supplies to practitioners in Europe. ------------
📍 Premium quality acupuncture needles manufactured in own facility
🌿 Authentic DaoDi grown herbs with 0 sulphur, herbicides & pesticides 🍵 100% soluble concentrated herbal granules with the purest end-product 🔥 A large range of smokeless and pure moxa and TDP products to make acupuncture treatments even more effective 🏥 Clinical and dispensary accessories from sharps bins to decoction bags ------------
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#SubstituteSaturday helps to promote HERBAL medicine alternatives! TIGER BONE V QIAN NIAN JIAN! 🐯🌿 Tiger Bone or Hu Gu has been used in TCM for centuries. It is favoured for it's healing properties and its ability to control pain, strengthen bones and disperse wind-cold. However, it is estimated that there are just 3200 tigers left in the wild so Qian Nian Jian is a great natural alternative to using animal products. .
The herb has many similar properties to Tiger Bone but does not harm any animals. Qian Nian Jian can dispel wind-dampness, strengthens bones and also promotes Qi flow to help pain and swelling. We never have nor ever will condone the use of animal products in TCM and we urge our customers to do the same! To purchase any of our authentic herbs, please visit
#AnimalsAsia #HealingWithoutHarm #TCM #CHM #TraditionalChineseMedicine #HerbalMedicine #ChineseMedicine #ChineseHerbalMedicine #ChineseHerbs #AnimalWelfare #EndAnimalCruelty #UntilTheCrueltyEnds
Professor Feng Shi Lun will be teaching a course on Asthma & Bi Syndromes at the Jing Fang Conference in October! 🗓️ Professor Feng will be accompanied by his disciple Dr Tao You Qiang. Together, they will explore: 📖 How to use the 6 Channels & 8 Principles theory to apply Jing Fang 🌿 Commonly used formulas to treat syndromes 🧑 How to adapt and modify formulas depending on body constitution 🌬️ Case studies for various rheumatic and respiratory conditions
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