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🌿DaoDi, Non-Sulphur Treated Chinese Herbs 中草药 📍Acupuncture Needles 针灸针| 👍NHS, RCHM & ATCM Approved Dispensary | 🗺️Based in the UK

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The Tung Acupuncture Advanced Workshop is now over and concludes our 2019 Master Tung Courses! 😞 Both workshops were taught by Dr Michael Chong who focused on not only the famous Tung points but also the history of Master Tung, the general theories and bloodletting 🤓 Students were also given the opportunity to practice needling location during the hands on demonstrations 📍 The students learnt the famous 740 points of Tung Acupuncture which are located on 12 parts of the body, including the body, hand, arm, foot, leg, head and ear 🖐️👂🏻 ------ Although the 2019 Tung courses are now over, you can now enrol for 2020 🗓️ We will be hosting the Level 1 & 2 courses in March and the Level 3 course in June 👍 Visit or call 01245 350822 to book your place❗️ #Acupuncture #Acupuncturists #AcupunctureNeedles #TCM #TraditionalChineseMedicine #ChineseMedicine #ChineseAcupuncture #MasterTung #MasterTungPoints #TungsAcupuncturePoints #MasterTungsAcupuncture #CPDCourse #AcupunctureCourse #MondayMotivation
Dang Gui has been used as a medicine and spice for thousands of years for its healing abilities. Known as the 'Female Ginseng', the herb is famed for its ability to assist in women's health 👩. However, Angelica Root can help a number of ailments, for both men and women 👫 ⠀
🤰Dang Gui contains phytoestrogens which mimic the effect of oestrogen, which may help to balance hormone levels, menstrual and menopausal symptoms and recovery time from childbirth ⠀
😴It is also known to have a calming effect which may ease inflammation, headache, fatigue and high blood pressure ⠀
❤️ Dang Gui can also help to keep muscles in the arteries dilated and maintain regular blood flow. As well as, treat angina, high blood pressure, and irregular heartbeat⠀
It is clear to see why Dang Gui is one of the most popular herbs in TCM 🌿🏆 You can visit to find out more and how to ensure you use sulphur-free Dang Gui 👍⠀
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We started working with Animals Asia in 2018🖤 We were amazed by their efforts to end the exploitation of animals and we just had to get involved! For the past year we have been fundraising and with the help of our amazing customers, we have raised nearly £1300❗️⠀
🐻 The amount we have raised can help with so many different projects, but most notably, the funds we have raised can cover life-saving surgery for two rescued bears. This year, the money we have raised has gone directly into saving Aurora’s life. This little bear is Animal Asia’s newest family member, after spending 15 years in captivity. We are so pleased to know that we were able to make a difference! 🖤 ⠀
We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that contributed or supported our 'Healing without Harm' campaign and we can't wait to see what the coming years will bring for our partnership with Animals Asia 🤗 ⠀
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So, after 3 jam-packed days, the Master Tung Acupuncture Beginner Workshop is now over! 😥 Dr Michael Chong taught theory and case studies, followed by point location and demonstrations 📍 The students learnt the famous 740 points of Tung Acupuncture which are located on 12 parts of the body, including the body, hand, arm, foot, leg, head and ear 🖐️👂🏻 The level 1 students are now able to treat patients using fewer needles with instant results! 👍 -
The Advanced Course will be held from Friday 14th June and there are a few spaces remaining! If you would like to attend and improve your knowledge and career, please visit or call 01245 350822 📞  Don't miss out❗️
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You have just ONE WEEK to purchase your tickets for the Master Tung Acupuncture Courses! ⏰📍 We are hosting the only Master Tung workshops in the UK this year. It is one of the very few courses recognised and approved by Dr Wei Chieh Young himself ✔️ ⠀
🎓Learn from Dr Michael Chong, who is a second generation Tung disciple. Dr Chong has been studying, practising and teaching Tung's points for over 25 years. ⠀
📢 As the courses are in English only, this allows for more teaching time. Therefore, there will be more content, demonstrations and case studies. ⠀
📍 Tung’s Acupuncture focuses on using fewer needles, with instant pain relief. You will be able to develop your knowledge and skills, which sets you apart from other acupuncturists⠀
🙌 As well as theory, students will also learn point location and practice needling. The workshops will consist of lectures with lots of practical hands-on training.⠀
This year we will be running two workshops: one for beginners on June 8th-10th and one for advanced practitioners on June 14th-16th. Feel free to attend one, or both, courses but spaces are extremely limited! ⠀
Visit or contact to secure your place today! ⠀
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Introducing our brand new Phoenix Kinesiology Tape 💪 After 2 years of developing the perfect product, our Kinesiology Tape is now on sale! Made in renowned factories, our tape is the initiative new product on the physio market❗️ 🏅 ⠀
✂️Made from 97% cotton & 3% elastin to ensure better durability and finer fibres⠀
📏Stretches 1.5 times more than the leading brand for more flexibility⠀
✅Hypoallergenic - 4 to 7 days wear with no skin irritation⠀
💦Water resistant - silky fabric allows water to run off rather than absorb, combining 2 tapes in one⠀
🎨Available in black, pink, blue, beige, tattoo, light reflective black & light reflective pink⠀
🔦 Revolutionary Light Reflective tape made without the use of chemicals/colouring's - perfect for city runners⠀
---------------------⠀ We have considered all aspects when designing this tape, including quality, safety and price, to ensure this is the best Kinesiology Tape on the market! Contact for your free sample or visit to buy! 🛒 ⠀
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16 million people suffer from hayfever every year in Britain, but instead of suffering (and sneezing 🤧) in silence; we may have the answer – Reishi Mushroom! 🍄 ⠀
🥇 Know as the 'number 1 natural supplement for controlling hayfever'⠀
👑 Nicknamed the 'King of Mushrooms'⠀
🤧 Inhibits histamine release and antihistamine actions⠀
💚 Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties ⠀
👃 Can regulate the immune system and improve oxygen supply ⠀
If you are suffering from hayfever, it is important to try to incorporate reishi into your lifestyle. We have a number of solutions to suit everyone: Raw Reishi, Capsules and Powder! 💊 To find out more visit 🛒 or contact us at 📧 ⠀
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Culinary beans have been used in Chinese cooking for centuries – and for good reason too! Beans are not just a massive part of Chinese diets for taste and flavour, they also have plenty of health benefits. We urge you all to incorporate some of these magic beans into your diet 🍵⠀
🌱 Range of beans including soy, red, black and green beans⠀
🥗 Perfect for soups, salads, dips, burritos and more ⠀
💪 Great source of protein, fibre and vitamins⠀
❤️ Can aid sleep, digestion, weight loss, heart health, bone strength and more⠀
🚫 Grown without the use of sulphur, pesticides and herbicides⠀
Yummy right? 😋 If you want to add these Chinese superfoods to your dishes, visit to find all of our culinary herbs, including the Chinese beans! 🛒⠀
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📍🐰EASTER WEEKEND SPECIAL: £50 OFF MASTER TUNG'S ACUPUNCTURE WORKSHOPS!🐰📍 We are offering an exclusive £50 off both Master Tung Acupuncture Courses for this weekend only! ⠀
This year we will be running two workshops: one for beginners on June 8th-10th and one for advanced practitioner on June 14th-16th. ⠀
📚Tailored workshops suitable for all practitioners at all levels ⠀⠀
‍🎓Taught by Dr Michael Chong who is a 2nd generation Master Tung disciple ⠀
🥇The course is recognised and approved by Dr Young himself⠀⠀
🗣️Both workshops will be taught in English only⠀⠀
📍As well as theory, the workshop will include demonstrations, point location, needling practice and questions ⠀
❗️The are limited spaces on both courses and the offer is only valid until Monday!❗️ We recommend booking ASAP to avoid missing out. Visit to book your place today! #TCM #TraditionalChineseMedicine #ChineseMedicine #Acupuncture #Acupuncturists #AcupunctureNeedles #MasterTung #TungsAcupuncture #EasterWeekend #CPDCourse
Introducing our NEW Sample Packs! 📦 The free sample boxes are for customers to try and test our most loved products! They fit through the letterbox 📮 are recyclable ♻️ and feature our NEW stickers ❗️. The boxes include:
📍 A choice of needles in a range of gauges and sizes
🔥 1 TDP Moxa Warming Plaster
🌿 1 Cooling & 1 Warming Muscle Comfort Herbal Plasters
📖 Phoenix product catalogue 🖊️ Phoenix notepad & pen ---------------
If you are a new customer and would like a FREE sample pack, please email or call us on 01245 350822 ☎️ #TCM #TraditionalChineseMedicine #ChineseMedicine #HerbalMedicine #Acupuncture #AcupunctureNeedles #Acupuncturists #Herbalist #ChineseHerbalMedicine #TCMSupplies #ChineseHers #TCMSupplier #FridayFeeling #FreeSamples
After the success of our first Scalp Acupuncture Course earlier this year, we are pleased to welcome back Dr Hui Nie for a second masterclass! 📚 The masterclass will teach students how to use the 14 points to effectively treat patients.⠀
🗓️ 26th - 27th October 2019⠀
🧠 Learn how to treat comatose, dementia, stroke and epilepsy patients⠀
🗣️ English spoken course⠀
🗺️ Central London location ⠀
💸 £216 inc. VAT for two days and a Phoenix goody bag⠀
🚫 Limited spaces available⠀
Interested? Visit or email to find out more and book your place 👍 ⠀
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With all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, what will leaving the EU really mean for the TCM industry? We don't have all the answers but we have considered what impact it may have on us, and our customers. We have considered the following factors:⠀
✈️ Cost of importing ⠀
🛳️ Cost of shipping ⠀
❤️ Healthcare industry ⠀
💌 Regulation of complementary therapies ⠀
💡 Alternative solutions ⠀
Visit to find out more and how you may be affected. If you have any questions, contact us at 💻 ⠀
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