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Look at the bag of goodness right there. LET THERE BE BUTTONS!
Remembering the day when I got to see an Ivory Billed Woodpecker at the Chicago Field Museum. God I love this bird.
Check out the newest post on my personal favorite cryptid, The Ivory Billed Woodpecker. The story of this creature is both amazing and tragic, and boy do I ever hope they are still out there!
Pure anger. That feeling you get when you're in the middle of writing an article and your computer decides to randomly pull this garbage.
This 'about us' section on the website is about to get spooky with an obligatory "searching for something" photo 🤣
Have you checked out our #teepublic store yet? If not, check it  out and pick up your own Bigfoot VS. Mothman shirt today! This shirt was created by Wisconsin artist Charlie Haas exclusively for The PBI!
Look at that, four @cryptkins arrived at the house today. Hope they don't eat too much and at least clean up after themselves.

The horror figure blind boxes are fantastic. Finally got Bruce!
Have you seen our ad on Facebook yet? If so, make sure to like and share it with your friends! The more people who learn about us, means more people get to learn about cool monsters! 
New post about The Avalanche Sea Serpent Encounter is up now! Go check it out!
Night writing about sea monsters during a thunderstorm. What a life.
Sometimes you have to put down all the books about monsters, get dressed up, and step out with the wife.