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Ectoplasm in a jar. Spooky.
Hello followers of mine. Wouldst thou like to read stories about monsters that I have written? I wrote them with my human hands, for I am most certainly not one of the monsters that I so passionately talk about. Definitely not a monster. I am human all the way.
TROLLS!!! Let's kick this year off right with a wonderfully fun troll encounter that took place in Wisconsin 100yrs ago. "Sound off one two, sound off three four!"
The Mothman cometh! 
Huge thank you to my dear friends who got me this Mothman statue from the one and only Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant!
The Watcher. The Guardian. The Thunder. The one and only, Domino.
From The PBI to you and yours! Merry Christmas!
Come one! Come All! Hurry down and see The Hodag! The terrifying beast from the Northwoods captured ALIVE! Only 10 cents per person!
The newest shirt available in our TeePublic shop! The 1896 Oneida County Fair Hodag shirt! You should totally pick one up!
As mentioned in our latest episode on the Hodag, the Kennedy/Hodag newspaper article from July 16, 1960.
Fantastic Hodag art print I picked up from Old World Wisconsin. Done in the traditional wood press carved style of days long past. 
This print is rated 10/10 White Bulldogs.
You see this homemade ramshackle podcast shack I set up in my basement? Well I just spent an hour and a half in it chatting with author and researcher Denver Michaels! It was awesome because we talked quite a long time about one of my favorite Cryptid categories, lake monsters! The entire conversation will be available tomorrow when Episode 6 drops!