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Sometimes you just need to take a break from the cryptids and drink while watching Ghost.
It's Midwest Monster Monday! You know what that means, right? It's time for another lake monster article! Only this time, it's not a beast from Wisconsin, it's from Indiana. Go check it out!
Hey everyone, look what just went live on iTunes! Our little interview show is now a podcast! So if you are interested in listening to me ramble on alongside some awesome people talking about anything and everything Fortean related, you should subscribe!
Want to chat? Let me know! DM me here or send an email to pinebarrensinstitute@gmail
Daredevil digs nerds.
Took a family night trip to the home of the Beast itself, good ol' Bray Road. Even brought a piece back with us to add to the Cabinet of Curiosities.

Moriarty's Pub in downtown Cleveland is a fantastic little Irish dive bar that was established in 1923.
Check out our latest article on another serpent calling a Wisconsin waterway home, The Lake Waubesa Monster!
Early morning writing means having to set up shop around two very lazy dogs.
Woohoo! This newest cryptid book (from 1995) arrived in my mailbox today. Always beneficial to continually build your monster reference library.
A Hodag poster I made for a cryptid series many years ago. 1 of 6 different creatures.
Guess what?! The second episode of our "not an official podcast" podcast is now up on the website and ready to be put into your ears! Listen as my good friend Hayley from Cryptid Wendigo and I talk about weird cryptid names, Wisconsin VS. Massachusetts, a bathing skunk ape, and words that aren't real!