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we love our valla bois ✨💚🧝🏻‍♀️ it was so fun working the girls in gaming summit with so many other a-MEI-zing gamers. looking forward to the next event! 🎮 #WingsOut
finally tried @haagendazs_us’s non-dairy chocolate salted fudge truffle ice cream and OMG it was HEAVENLY ✨🍦 best part is they serve it in downtown disney so you can get vegan ice cream while at the parks 💕 have any of y’all tried it yet?
probably dreaming about mickey pretzels, dole whip, bbq jackfruit sandwiches, gumbo, and all of the other vegan disney snacks i destroyed that day ✨😋
it was nice seeing you again, portland. ✈️ flying back to LA is never easy. the city of angels isn’t my cup of tea, but maybe, just maybe, if i add bunch of oat milk and stevia, i can make it tolerable. 😅🌿✨☕️
i have a lot of hobbies, but i think roadtripping through the pacific northwest while shoving my face with vegan goodies tops the list. 😤🌿✨
finally added this toxic boi to my @originalfunko collection 👀✨ swipe to see one of my cancerous junkrat plays ➡️
when you want much more than this provincial life 🌾🍄🌼✨🌿💐
is it really a picnic if you’re not surrounded by gingham? 🤔✨💖
hiiiii!!! 💕 sorry i haven’t been posting that often, i’ve been super busy with life, work and gaming. y’all know how it gets. ✨🚮
“in a world too often governed by corruption and arrogance, it can be difficult to stay true to one's philosophical and literary principles.” - a series of unfortunate events ✨📚 (you should def watch it on netflix if you haven’t already!)
my go-to product lately has been this deodorant from @schmidtsnaturals because...well...who wouldn’t want to smell like jasmine tea at all times? 💁🏻‍♀️ speaking of schmidt’s, i just interviewed their founder @jaimeschmidt22 for @livevocally. link in bio if you’re interested ✨🌿
happy first day of spring 🌸🌧 for some reason, this part of year is a bit hard for me. i feel like i bloom in autumn and go dormant once the sunnier months come around. i start to lack motivation + creativity, i become hella dissociative and when it comes down to it, i just feel like hibernating. here’s an excerpt of a poem i wrote a while back called “hibernation” that highlights how i feel 💕