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this was the @joshuavides x ebay installation at complex con my dudes !!! i want 2 live here ✨🆗
hello people, i am alive!!! 🍒 i didn’t intend to fall of the face of the earth but hey, that’s the nature of life. so much was thrown my way this summer and i just needed to take some time for myself and my mental health. just know i appreciate & love all of you for reaching out..even if i seemed unresponsive. i hope i can be back to my regular programming soon 😇✨
i didn’t get a decent picture of me at the KH booth but IDC I’M POSTING ANYWAYS CAUSE I GOT TO PLAY KINGDOM HEARTS 3 AND HOLD AN AUTHENTIC KEYBLADE. i’m still recovering. y’all, this game is gonna be worth the wait i promise. 🗝💕🗝💕🗝
sad e3 has come to an end, but feeling blessed that i got to be a brand ambassador for my favorite video game ever ✨🎮 if you didn’t get the chance to hop on the payload at e3, be sure to visit the #OWPayloadTour at anime expo. we’ll have collectors pins...😏💕
just got done with a 10 hr twitch stream, not quite sure how i’m still alive. 🤷🏻‍♀️ i guess now would be the time to announce that i recently got affiliated on @twitch and have been streaming overwatch basically every night! if you wanna see a tank main destroy some noobs or just wanna get to know me beyond instagram, feel free to drop a follow. link in bio. 👾✨🎮
we love our valla bois ✨💚🧝🏻‍♀️ it was so fun working the girls in gaming summit with so many other a-MEI-zing gamers. looking forward to the next event! 🎮 #WingsOut
probably dreaming about mickey pretzels, dole whip, bbq jackfruit sandwiches, gumbo, and all of the other vegan disney snacks i destroyed that day ✨😋
it was nice seeing you again, portland. ✈️ flying back to LA is never easy. the city of angels isn’t my cup of tea, but maybe, just maybe, if i add bunch of oat milk and stevia, i can make it tolerable. 😅🌿✨☕️
i have a lot of hobbies, but i think roadtripping through the pacific northwest while shoving my face with vegan goodies tops the list. 😤🌿✨
finally added this toxic boi to my @originalfunko collection 👀✨ swipe to see one of my cancerous junkrat plays ➡️
is it really a picnic if you’re not surrounded by gingham? 🤔✨💖