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Pinski Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery specializes in dermatology with close attention to aesthetics.

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Mask Crush Monday! My #mcm goes out to the @skinceuticals Clarifying Clay Mask! This baby draws out any impurities in the skin and helps with oiliness and clogged pores/blackheads. Skin will feel smooth, exfoliated, and refined after! #maskoftheday #motd #maskcrushmonday #pinskidermatology #skincare #mask
Microblading Monday’s! This patients brows were barely visible before treatment and now she has a lovely set of brows she does not have to even touch! This is her before and 4 week post photo. Good work, Ellen! #microblading #microbladingeyebrows #brows #browsonfleek #dermatology
Check out this patients results after just one YAG laser treatment to a dark spot on her left cheek! Wow! Lasers work to break up pigmentation and fade darker spots. Sometimes multiple sessions are needed, but as you can see, you can have tremendous improvement after just 1. Contact us now if you have unwanted dark spots! #dermatology #lasers #laser #pigmentation #sundamage #spf
Why is it so important to go to a skilled, board certified doctor for cosmetic injections such as Botox or filler? A rare, but possible side effect when filler is injected improperly is necrosis of the skin aka death of the surrounding tissue. 😱This patient came to our practice after receiving lip injections at another office.  Our doctors were able to prescribe treatment that improved the skin. Always choose experience and education over price!!! #lessonlearned #lipinjections #lipfillers #lipfiller #dermatology #botox
Seems like it was just yesterday we were watching the Cubs World Series Parade outside our office window! Amazing win for the cubbies last night! Let’s do it again! #Repost @cubs (@get_repost)
#FridayFeeling #FlyTheW
The future of Pinski Dermatology💙 Dr. Pinski’s adorable grandson stopped by our Bourbonnais location for some early training👨‍⚕️#pinskidermatology #doctorintraining #grandson #family #baby #babies #babiesofinstagram #grandpa
Is your psoriasis causing physical and emotional stress? Psoriasis can often be debilitating. Don’t let it run your life! There are so many options to treat mild or severe psoriasis including topicals, medications, and injections. Contact us now to get yours under control and get your life back! #psoriasis #dermatology #humira #psoriasiswarriors #psoriasisfree
‼️Warning Graphic Surgical Content‼️ Dr. Sulewski removed a large lipoma (fatty growth) from a patients flank that had been growing for over 6 years.  If you have a growth you are concerned with, make sure to get it checked out to rule out anything potentially dangerous!

#lipoma #lipomaremoval  #drpimplepopper #pimplepopper #cyst #tumor #fatremoval
⚠️Graphic image!⚠️ Do you have a lump somewhere on the body that could be a Lipoma (fatty growth)? They are often benign (not dangerous) but can be annoying or unsightly. They can often occur after a trauma or injury. This first picture is after this patients large lipoma was removed. Swipe right to see what was taken out and stay tuned for the surgical video‼️ #lipoma #lipomaremoval #dermatology #surgery #fatremoval
Laser facial? IPlL? What are these lasers I keep hearing about and do I need them?! At Pinski Dermatology, we have several lasers and each is used for a different purpose. Whether you are struggling with sun damage, unwanted hair, acne scars, large pores, unwanted tattoos, broken capillaries or redness, we have a laser that can help! Lasers work by using strong light to go after different targets in the skin. Many lasers have no downtime.  Contact us now to schedule your consult to find the appropriate laser for you! #dermatology #laserhairremoval #laser #lasertattooremoval #rosacea #tiptuesday
Mask Crush Monday! Per usual, my favorite mask is the @revisionskincare Black Mask. This mask is awesome for all skin types, and leaves skin feeling super smooth, hydrated, and polished. What makes it black?  The freshwater silt that helps draw out impurities! This month, when you purchase any Revision Skincare product you will receive free samples of this mask! #mcm #maskcrushmonday #dermatology #skincare #mask
Do you have dry, itchy patches on your body?? It could be a very common condition called eczema. It can be very uncomfortable and irritating! October is National Eczema Awareness Month. If you think you might suffer from eczema, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment! There are several solutions that can provide immense relief! #eczema #eczemasucks #dermatology