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I once encounter a refine and formally dressed business women who saw my website at a brief glance and say ‘Oh, you make children bag!’ 😅. My ‘Nooooo...’ reply was vy long. This makes me all the more thankful to people who buy and like my work. Doing what I like and believe is one thing, getting support and appreciation is what get artist and crafter carry on doing what they do. Finally that refine lady say my bag are for the young at heart 😄. I got mix feeling for that conclusion too...🤨
#colorfulbag #handmadebag #echinofabric
This is one of my favorite fabric designed by Etsuko Furuya. The bag design act like a picture frame, cropping the best part of the print. Such fabric design gives limitation to how much I can use in a full yard of fabric if you understand how it work. Wastage was unavoidable so every cut is a risk 😅.
#echinofabric #handmadebag
I’ve become a fabric addict ever since I start making bags. Getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of suitable bag making fabric is a on going process. I rely on customer feedback and my own experience to tell how good or bad does the bag last for use. I choose the best I can. And always remember what Vivienne Westwood says “ Buy less, Choose well and Make it last.”
#handmadebags #batik #totebag #fabricaddict
Bag made from my leftover fabric scraps. I discover a method of patching pieces of curvy fabric and hiding the raw edges. But the thickness of these upholstery material is a challenge.. 😑
#patchwork #handmadebags
I want to make a bag that gives the owner freedom to create the macramé pattern on their own. Sometimes a certain spark of inspiration are just too tempting. You cannot stop thinking about it until you make it real. I had fun making this bag but the ending product needs more adjustments. It’s still a prototype.🧐 #handmadebag #macrame
After saying those words, ask why? Be positive and always look on the bright side. - A motivational booster for mid week. 🙂 
#illustration #positivevibes
Just a practical boxy pouch with a touch of PippiRabbit’s bean shaped face.
#boxypouch #preordered #handmadewithlove❤
I was just ‘admiring’ my leather appliqué and a lot of unsuccessful past experience came to mind. 3 different skills in total; 1-Using scissor to cut the leather in curve shape. 2-Hammer the metal snap button straight and steadily to join top and bottom piece. 3-Using sewing machine to sew the top stitching thread and turning the materials after 2 or 3 stitches down every time. I remembered all the different kind of things that could go wrong with just these 3 steps. Only the crafter knows the true value of our own work 😌
#handmadecrafts #applique
My 4 days in Penang, Georgetown ended today. It is a well preserved city that show us how architecture and street wall art can age with such beauty with the cracked and uneven brick walls everywhere in the city. And one can only taste the originality of street hawkers food from where it begins. Sitting and eating on the road side with buses and cars driving pass your back, occasionally seeing a rat coming out from the drain just beside where you sit 😅. #penang #penangmalaysia #georgetownpenang
Hang in there, enjoy the last few hours of weekends by doing nothing at all. 😌 #digitalart #illustration #vectorart
Flower hat with #KingProtea flowers for my latest illustration. 
#digitalart #redbubble
Just trying to capture that direction of evening sunlight shining on the little flower I just picked from the ground. 😌 Going out for some exercise is always a good idea if negative vibes are stressing you out at home or at work... 🏃🏻‍♀️