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The best 9 of my creations for 2018. Experiments of new sewing patterns, use of new material and new venture to reproduce my artwork as coasters; a mean to support my time consuming handmade bags. And most important of all they’ve received appreciations & love from all the kind ppl who owns them now. 🙂
#best9of2018 #handmadecrafts #craftsg
This is PippiGirl in her ugly Christmas sweater, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! ✌️🎄☃️❄️🎉🎁
Yup...I took about 45min to prepare this ‘instant’ ramen, just to make it look a bit similar to the picture on the packaging! 🤪 Hmm... maybe I should go get a red noodle bowl too.
#japaneseinstantramen #selfsatisfaction
This is what happened when I told my good friend if she could just help me buy 3 packets of my favorite #男梅 plum candy from her trip to Japan. And then she overwhelmed me with all these presents! 🥰 #friendsarethebest
(That’s me on my way home by MRT)It’s a wrap for our 2 days Etsy Craftivist SG Market 2018! Big thank you to my helpful and caring neighbor-vendor @sveltefigure sisters who help me in many ways when it’s inconvenient to be a solo vendor sometimes. And to my relatives and friends and kids who brought me food and bubble tea drinks and came specially to show their support! Last but not least, a big thank you to all the sweet ppl who bought my stuffs, familiar customers and some of my IG followers who came forward to say ‘Hi’ in person! 😄Thank you all! I feel great! And I’m full of positive vibes to continue moving forward and make more products! Heeeehaaaa!
Day 2! I have 2 little helper (nephew & niece) to help me tend the shop when I go for toilet break. They even tried to remember my product prices and gave demo to the water absorbent coaster for interested customers! Amazing! Thank you little angels!
#etsycraftivistsgmkt18 #etsycraftivistsg
She is my friend’s daughter, one of the sweetest little girl I know!!! So happy to see both of them today. I just have to grab her for a photo today! 😊
All setup and ready to rock & roll! 
Does it look like a crime scene? 😆 This is just how I use my water absorbent coaster.
#waterabsorbentcoaster #coasters
In the process of making small paper bag for my products. This week is all about preparations for my booth setup for this coming weekend! Excited and stressed at the same time! 
#packaging #craftsg #paperbag
I just told them they will be put out for sale next Friday! 🙄and I’m getting a bit emotional... #handpaintedbags #bunny #cat #dog #bear
This is Sammy, the Siamese Cat! New animal series zipper pouch made specially for my upcoming craft market! Hand painted with acrylic paint and sewing thread for the more delicate strokes of whiskers and nose. Will show the rest of the design soon. 😊
#handmadepouch #cat #siamesecat