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Hello. Welcome to my messy feeds😄
interested in food, travelling, fashion, make up, and shabby chic stuff
lives in Bekasi, Indonesia

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One of my favo photo spot in sentosa is under this artificial colourful lollipop tree in front of candylicious store. Everytime i go to singapore, it's a must to take a photo here. Oh don't forget to sight seeing all around the stores, there are such a candy and chocolate heaven 🍭🍫🍬
He was too tired to smile 😕
Grateful ❤
☪Taqabalallahu minna wa minkum☪
Mohon maaf lahir dan batin

#eidmubarak 1 Syawal 1439 H
The best make up a girl can wear,is her smile. This quote was and still all over social media,and everyone is posting and liking it. But do they really believe it?

I myself believe that a smile is not only beautiful,but beneficial for our health, can persuade us to be in a better mood,make us look younger, and reminds us that there is always something to be grateful about.

Nonetheless,I still need my bb cushion,mascara,lipbalm and of course liquid lipstick 😄😄 #justsaying
Clear weather, cheap entrance, overwhelming view 📸
Goodnight. Relax your soul&have a peaceful sleep 💤💤
This is too cute not to post
I don't think people would even mind when I took a selfie in a restaurant 📸
A reminder quote by Roy. T.  Bennett "Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return". ya mungkin saja skrg kita yang berada pada posisi dimintakan bantuan oleh orang lain, stay humble dan berusaha membantu sebisa kita, karena bukan tidak mungkin suatu saat kita yang akan membutuhkan bantuan dari orang tersebut. 
Just keep in mind that life is like ride on ferris wheel, one minute you're on top and next you're at the bottom.
it's never too cold for ice cream 😋
Starbucks sakura caramelly milk with mix berry is available at convenience stores throughout Japan for limited time only. 
Let's enjoy the flavour of spring! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸