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👰 Wedding reception entertainment
❤ Events violinist
🎶 Songwriter/composer
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'I see you glance at me
That's why I'm asking be
So let's party be
Come and dance wiv me...'
☆ 🎻💃🎶🕺🎻 ☆
Such a great evening playing at Orla's 50th birthday party in November. 🎈🎁 🎊
It was so much fun playing at the event. 🎈🎻🎈
@soundandlighthire played a class dance set of tunes afterwards which kept the party going 'til the wee small hours 🔊 🎧 🕪
Have always loved this @dizzeerascal song 'Dance Wiv Me'. It's been on my jogging playlist for years now ...🏃
'Just throw a couple shapes
Put your skills on show, oh' 😃
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Congratulations to the lovely couple Lorna & Donal on their recent wedding on the 11th April!
Lorna was an absolutely stunning bride! ♥
Their wedding reception was held at @tankardstownhouse, an 18th Century Manor which is set right in the heart of the Boyne Valley in County Meath, Ireland. 
It was a pleasure to provide the violin music and entertainment during their beautiful evening reception in The Orangery. 🎻🎉🎶 Best wishes to Lorna and Donal for their future together! ❤ 
Thank you to the both of them for sharing these photos and for choosing my music for their special day.x
A big thank you also to the amazing staff at the venue for having me. ☺ 🎻
Lovely to see @juliecumminsphotography & 
Karen Stein, the wedding photographers on the day. 📸
Looking forward to playing at lots more evening wedding receptions in Dublin, Enniskillen, Cavan, Dundalk, Meath and Mullingar! 👰🤵 ❤ 🎻 ❤💃🕺
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This day last week my violin bow & I had a nice little day out in Belfast City. 🤠👢⛅ 🎻🌁
The bow's horse hair was wearing a bit thin & splitting at the ends with having played so much recently. 🙄
A pamper session was due to get fresh strands of platinum rehair (to match my own 🙊⚠💫) at Aidan Mulholland Violins in Cathedral Buildings. 🏤 
It was lovely to hear Aidan playing the fiddle & guitar in his workshop before leaving. He is a very talented craftsman & a multi-talented musician! ☺ 🎻🌟🎸
Always love hearing the talented bands at weddings in Ireland after playing at evening receptions. 'Tropical Storm' from the Philippines are so entertaining. 🎉🎸🎶 They had all the guests singing along to their unplugged arrangements of @oasis songs & other pop hits at Lorna & Donal's wedding. 🖒😎🖒
Photo by the the fab DJ: @midlanddjs
🎧 ☺🎛
“Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.” Pablo Casals
🎶 ❤ 🎶 
There are two ways of spreading light: 
To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. 💭🕯💫
Edith Wharton
'Maybe I should let you know how utterly confusing and technically challenging the issue is, I'm losing.
Mind a-ticking anti-clockwise, memories I'm choosing,
They're swirling never ending
In this grey pool of illusion.'
This is the first verse of a song I wrote many years ago called 'Insane' which has yet to be recorded. It's pretty dark & eery ☻.
It was just recorded into my phone as my MacBook air is now toast after spilling coconut water on it 😕🙈. Know the level of delay isn't tight enough after the vocal but I have a bit of an obsession with delay. 👿🖤 Have always enjoyed singing & sang backing vocals in lots of bands I played in over the years (& a few solo alongside my good musician friend, Kieran ☺🎸). Feeling in a creative mood this weather & enjoying playing around with music apps and singing some of my own songs.
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Love this velvet armchair in the hallway at @tankardstownhouse in Slane, County Meath in Ireland. 😍
It's covered in a @burberry print of harriers & terriers. 🐶 🐕 🐶 🐕
Lovely to be back playing at the beautiful  venue for Lorna & Donal's wedding reception this evening. ❤ 🎻🎶 🎉
Congratulations to the happy couple on their wedding day. 👰❤🤵
Congratulations to Carrie & Shane who got married on the 3rd of April! 👰💘🤵
It was a pleasure to be invited to play at their evening wedding reception at @corickhousehotel_spa in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. 🎻
Carrie looked so beautiful and elegant on her wedding day. ❤ 
It was lovely to play & entertain throughout the wedding meal for the Bride, Groom and their guests in the stunning ballroom which overlooks Clougher Valley. 🌄
🎉🎻👏🎶 Best wishes to Carrie and Shane for their future together! 💘 x

Thank you also to the wonderful staff at the hotel for making me feel so welcome. ☺
Wedding photography by @marymcginnrafferty (First 3 photos & second last) 📷
Thank you to the Bride for sharing her own wedding photographs. 💗
(Last photo my own 🎻)
'She Moved Through The Fair'
(Take two...🎶)
With so many apps for creating music it's hard to actually want to go to bed at night.🤔
Last night I stayed up a little past my bedtime hour to wail like a Banshee & play with sound editing apps. 👻🎶☻
Singing is something I love doing for my own enjoyment. Sometimes the violin & I need time apart...👀 🎻
Having written many songs & instrumentals over the last decade it's something I promised myself I would get back into.
Not being a trained singer shouldn't hold the untrained from belting out our fa
vourite songs 😁. (Ps I couldn't find the auto-tune feature for  correcting pitches but I wouldn't have used it if I had have. Gotta live life on the edge😃👯🙃🙅).
'She Moved Through The Fair' 🎶▶ 🎤
Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life. 🌌 🎶🌙 🔮