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There’s more to us than just mouth-watering pizzas. Have you tried our 3 refreshing new drinks yet? They’re the perfect accompaniment to your pizza, and they’re packed full of flavour. Try them all at your nearest Pizza Hut today.  #ThinkPizzaThinkPizzaHut
There’s no better way to start a new week than to seize the day, as the old saying goes. But we have a better idea. Why seize just the day when you can seize a pizza too? Mondays will never be the same again. Order now.  #ThinkPizzaThinkPizzaHut #ForTheLoveOfPizza
Let’s switch to a world where love is love. #loveislove
Hogwarts isn’t the only place where magic happens. Because we have an offer that’s no less than magic. Devour unlimited freshly baked pan pizzas at just Rs.249. We assure you they’ll cast a spell on your taste buds. Walk into your nearest Pizza Hut now. #UnlimitedPizzaFriday  #ThinkPizzaThinkPizzaHut
Everybody loves that one person who shares their pizza. But we get it, sharing isn’t an option if you have just one. That’s why our fully-loaded Triple Treat Box comes with 2 mouth-watering pizzas and a variety of delicious sides. Order now and share away.  #ThinkPizzaThinkPizzaHut
In our busy lives, finding time to even buy groceries, let alone cook, can be near impossible. But no groceries doesn’t mean you don’t eat. It just means that you eat a delicious freshly baked pizza instead, that too at 50% off. Sounds like a great plan to us. Order now. #DontCookWednesday #ForTheLoveOfPizza
Think pizzas are the only thing we have to make your taste buds happy? Think again. Because nothing adds to the freshly baked flavours of our pizzas like our 3 amazing new drinks. Try them all at your nearest Pizza Hut today. #ThinkPizzaThinkPizzaHut
Mondays are better when you have something to look forward to. Like one of our freshly baked pizzas. Not only will they drive away the Monday blues, but also delight your taste buds. Order one now and see the difference it makes to your day.  #ThinkPizzaThinkPizzaHut #mondaymotivation
Sunday is the laziest, most relaxing day of the week. And no day of such happiness can be quite complete without a freshly baked pizza. That too at 50% off. Need another reason? We thought not. Order now.  #ThinkPizzaThinkPizzaHut
Groove to the medley of flavours in your mouth as you savour our 11 new pizzas. Try one or try them all, it’s a party for your taste buds every time. Order now.  #ThinkPizzaThinkPizzaHut
Some offers might seem like they originated in a galaxy far, far away. But they’re right here on Earth, at your favourite Pizza Hut. Indulge in unlimited freshly baked pan pizzas at Rs.249 only.  #ThinkPizzaThinkPizzaHut
As if you didn’t have reason enough to order from your favourite pizza place, here are 3. Two delicious pizzas along with a variety of delectable sides. Doesn’t get any better, does it? Order our fully loaded Triple Treat Box now. #ThinkPizzaThinkPizzaHut