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Fervor (noun): intense and passionate feeling.
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Would you jump?! 😱💦 Dominican Republic. Video by @johnny_fpv w/ @samkolder
Follow @planetfervor: Details of Plaza de España 😍 Seville, Spain. 
Photo by @serentripidy
Follow @planetfervor: The almost human like expression of this majestic beast. Swipe across to see both versions! Photos by @rob.potter
Follow @planetfervor: Street market 😍 Kalkan, Antalya, Turkey. Photo by @ceyyhuun
Follow @planetfervor: Would you dare to tackle this rollercoaster in Japan 😱 Welcome to the Steepest drop in the World, "Takabisha” 💀 121 Degrees 🎢 Fuji-Q Highland, Tokyo, Japan. Video by @khalid_mohammed_
Follow @planetfervor: Wouldn’t you love to be a husky, not a care in the world, just enjoying the snow in #Oregon❄️
Photo by @huskysquad
Follow @planetfervor: This Durango to Silverton train is a piece of art! 🚂 Silverton, Colorado. Photo by @neohumanity
Follow @planetfervor: Winter wonderland at Kinkakuji-temple ❄️ Kyoto, Japan. Photo by @criss1016
Follow @planetfervor: Cheeky bathroom break from the fork of a large sycamore fig tree 🦁 😂
Video by @alexbraczkowski
Follow @planetfervor: Tag someone you'd visit this with 🤩 Amalfi, Italy. Photos by @gennaro_rispoli
Follow @planetfervor: Picnic lunch on a boat along the waters of the Kamandalu lagoon in Ubud 🛶 Bali, Indonesia. Photo by @ninjarod w/ @jennasilver_
Follow @planetfervor: Norway's Winter is truly something else 🌌❄ Kongsberg, Norway. Photo by @itseriksen