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Frosty morning - Ranunculus from @canberra_colour a bit icy today! #ranunculus #canberragardener #spring #plantgram #instagarden #frost #winter @gregh4d
The International Society for Plant Pathology ISPP was established on 26 July, 1968, during the first International Congress of Plant Pathology, ICPP,  in London. It is now a year since ICPP2018 in Boston  and we look forward to ICPP2023 in Lyon, France !  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISPP #plant_diseases #plantpathology #IYPH2020 #icpp2023 #planthealthisearthswealth
ISPP Newsletter July 2019 now on line at
Good to visit the APS and Scientific Societies org today and also see memorabilia from the APS centenary in 2008 #plantpathology #plant_diseases  #IYPH2020
On International Women's Day, the ISPP salutes Dr Dorothy Shaw OBE 1920-2007 pictured here with an unidentified colleague examining Frogeye spot on tobacco in the 1960s.  First Government Plant Pathologist in Papua New Guinea 1956-1976, Dorothy oversaw the eradication of coffee rust in PNG in the 1960s (it came back in the 1986). She authored over 150 publications including the first host index of plant pathogens in PNG and continued in retirement in Brisbane to study botanical aspects of aroids and the collection of Neurospora spores by bees. A much missed inspiration and mentor. #internationalwomensday #plantpathology #papuanewguinea #coffeerust #australasianplantpathology
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Attendees at the History of Plant Pathology session at #ICPP2018 Latest ISPP Newsletter now on line
Charlie Delp receiving the inaugural Fran Fisher Award from ISPP President, Greg Johnson - August 1, 2018 #ICPP2018 #boston #plantpathology
Beauty in nature takes many forms and when they're not destroying livelihoods, plant diseases can have a singular beauty. Cedar apple rust social stage. #ICPP2018 #plantpathology #pomefruit
Aecial stage of Cedar quince rust? on rosaceaceous host. Alternate host is a jupiner #plantpathology #Boston #ICPP2018