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The International Society for Plant Pathology (ISPP) promotes the development of plant pathology and dissemination of knowledge about plant diseases.

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Arab Plant Protection Conference Field Trip and Conference Dinner 2014
The 5th International Congress of Plant Pathology was held in Kyoto  Japan in 1988. This shot is of the opening ceremony, courtesy of the Phytopathology Society Japan. #plant_diseases #plantpathology #ICPP2018
Elvin C Stakman c. 1915, University of Minnesota. 'Plant pathologists are among the most important of all hunger fighters, for we have seen many tragedies of hunger caused by plant diseases. Moreover, we avow that “Healthy plants are our concern”, ‘Plant medicine is our business”, or “We aim to elevate plant doctoring to the status of a reliable and respected profession”. If we really mean what we say, a genuine feeling of human compassion and realistic altruism should fortify our aims and humanise our efforts toward the conquest of hunger. And it may be so, for the conquest of hunger is essential to the maintenance of our present civilisation and the improvement of our future civilisation.' EC Stakman, speaking on “Why are we here?”, possibly delivered at the Second International Congress of Plant Pathology, Minneapolis 1973 Stakman papers #plant_diseases #plantpathology #cerealrust #ICPP2018
Portrait of Dr Johann Reinhold Forster and his son George Forster , c.1780 by Jean Francois Rigaud, held in the National Portrait Gallery,  Canberra. George Forster illustrated stem rust for the Joseph Banks 1805 paper #stemrust #plant_diseases #plantpathology #ICPP2018
Stem rust of wheat as drawn by George Forster for the paper by Joseph Banks 1805. #josephbanks #plantpathology #plant_diseases #banksia #ICPP2018
Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820), President of the Royal  Society for 41 years, adviser to King George III, botanical explorer and champion of British settlement in Australia, only published one scientific paper. It was on stem rust of wheat and noted the possible link with barberry as an alternative host. As he was arranging the preparation of the illustrations by botanical artist George Forster, Banks received a specimen of rust on wheat sent from Australia! #plant_diseases #wheatrust #josephbanks  #banksia
Keep Calm and Call a Plant Pathologist! How under-recognised we are! #ICPP2018 #plant_diseases #Boston
Vale Jacques Horsten, former Secretary of the Netherlands Society for Plant Pathology (KNPV) and the European Foundation for Plant Pathology and Councillor to ISPP, author of seminal book on the history of the KNPV and plant pathology in the Netherlands. Jacques passed away on the 6 June 2018. Obituary to follow. #ICPP2018 #plant_diseases
Dr Dorothy E Shaw (1920-2007), government plant pathologist in Papua New Guinea (1953-1976) attended the first International Congress of Plant Pathology held in London in 1968. In this undated picture with another colleague, she is examining tobacco probably affected by frog eye leaf spot caused by Cercospora nicotianae). #ICPP2018 #plant_diseases #plantpathology
At the second Congress of Plant Pathogy, ICPP1973, held in Minneapolis, USA, Prof Stakman addressed the plenary on "Why are we here?" #plantdisease #icpp2018
At ICPP1968. A. George Harrar, plant pathologist, and then President of the Rockefeller Foundation, spoke on Plant Pathology and World Food Problems. He is perhaps best known to generations of plant pathologists as co-author of  the seminal text Principles of Plant Pathology by Stakman and Harrar. #plantdisease #plant_diseases #icpp2018
The first International Congress of Plant Pathology ICPP1968 was held in London UK in July 1968. This image is from the Congress Summary.