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It’s me, ya boy MikeJon. I’m surfing the void in search of enlightening nostalgia and far out geekery.


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For my lady bugs and all my Klingons #420
San Fran is silly #forrealyo
Bigfoot One at Emporium SF #bigfootone
RIP R. Lee Ermey #rleeermey
floatin #it
The truth is out
Happs! Artwork by Carig Horky ( http://craighorky.tumblr.com ) #fridaythe13th
Those were the days. #freethedinos
It's me, ya boy.
Gentlefolk, it's Friday. Start your engines.
Is this the first time someone offered Wolvie a banana? Why you munching on that like a derp, Bub? #derpbub
Get that flu shot though. #monsterface