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Gentlefolk, it's Friday. Start your engines.
Is this the first time someone offered Wolvie a banana? Why you munching on that like a derp, Bub? #derpbub
Get that flu shot though. #monsterface
Hope you eviled responsibly last night #ChikyuSentaiFiveman
This weekend, leave the world a little better than you found it. #BreathofFire
Mmmmm, tastes so logical. #tastessological
Please inscribe "I'll be back, in Pog form" on my tombstone. #lastwillandtestament
Huge thanks to @ubergabe for this mega rad Xmas mix! Treevenge was amazing! There is No Heaven. #vhs #treevenge #manborg
Merry Christmas Everyone!
Not so funny meow, is it? #uninvited
Gene Simmons ain窶冲 got shit on this gal. #bodymelt