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These Share of the Week web-slingers know their way around a camera in #SpiderManPS4. Next Week’s Theme: Swinging in Marvel’s Spider-Man
A weekend of adventure awaits, so we're packing the essentials. Happy launch day Lara! Shadow of the Tomb Raider is out now on PS4.
My, how time flies. Congratulations on 20 years @Spyro!
This week’s Share of the Week winners turned up the heat. Next week’s theme: #SpiderManPS4
Go get ‘em, Tiger. Marvel’s Spider-Man is now live at PlayStation Store.
Look out! Here comes the #SpiderManPS4
Red has never looked so Amazing. #SpiderManPS4
The Countdown to Launch has begun! Join us Thursday for a special #SpiderManPS4 launch livestream with giveaways, live gameplay and more!
“20… years?” Here’s to stealthy snakes, arrogant ocelots, and memorable mantises. Happy anniversary❗
These God of War New Game+ shares took us to another level. Next week’s theme: 🔥🔥🔥
One week. #SpiderManPS4
Spotted at PlayStation HQ: a fresh new set of nails to celebrate today’s launch of #DonutCounty. Have a garbage day! (Shout-out to @rawrrgina for the excellent nail art!)