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🌻 ICE CREAM 🌻 Yay! When on the beach it's a musthave to eat some italian icecream. Tomorrow I'm going to the beach again so lovely's you know what that means.
🌻 THE SUN IS HERE 🌻 What a wonderful weather it was yesterday! I decided to go to the beach with my bff spontaneously. We have enjoyed this so much. What did you do yesterday?
🌻 BE HAPPY ALL THE TIME 🌻 Dance like nobody is watching and watch like nobody is dancing. Be kind to the people you love.
🌻SPRING IS FINALLY COMING 🌻 I am currently enjoying online shopping for Spring. I want to have some more color in my closet. Are you online right now? Then you can watch my video on our YouTube channel. Link in bio.
💫 PEARLS IN THE CITY 💫 This was the most amazing wall art I have seen in a long time.  I found this under a bridge.
🌸 BIRTHDAY 🌸 I am 23 years old today. And this is the first year that I'm going to say that I feel older than I am. Today I enjoy the people who take the time to be with me. And cake and gifts of course, deh. 🎈
🌸 BESTFRIENDS 🌸 This is not the most charming picture but the relationship between us is so good here. Half words are enough, A look and we are already laughter. Maybe a big distance but one text and we are there. This is friendship for life.
🌸 INSTAGRAM HUSBAND 🌸 Do you take a picture of me while I walk over the path? Because yes, that looks so natural. And the light is also so perfect. HAHA, what a bad idea.
🌸 SPRING VIBES 🌸 I really love that the sun shows itself more. The spring vibes are already starting to come. Do you also likes the sunny weather? And what are you going to do today? I am cleaning today.
❤️ 6 YEARS TOGETHER ❤️ Today I am 6 years together with my boyfriend. When we just came together we were insecure teenagers. We grew up together to the mom and dad that we are now. I love you. You make me happy every day. And even though our life is not running as fast as we want now, with every step together, we just keep on getting better.
🌸 MOST MAGICAL MOMENT OF 2017 🌸 I have asked my best friend as witnesses for our wedding. I can't imagine a sweeter person as my best friend. She is involved and such a nice warm person. Even though we only know each other for 3 years. It feels like she has been there all my life.
🌸 FRIYAY 🌸 It's almost weekend! I am completely in Spring vibes. When will the weather be nice?