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Have a good weekend! 🌿✨ In the photo: Rob & Susanna 💚✨
It was so peaceful to be in the uliveto! 🌿✨ Here is some greenery for you too, from Tuscany with love! 🇮🇹✨
It’s dark and stormy outside, so please just let me think about the green hills of Tuscany! 🇮🇹✨ In the picture: Susanna & Rob, that will get married next spring 🌿✨
Rob posing for me in the middle of the uliveto 🌿✨ My home country can be so beautiful 🇮🇹✨Have you ever been to Tuscany?
Green therapy 🌿✨ A month ago, visiting the location of Susanna & Rob’s wedding in Tuscany 🇮🇹✨ How’s your weekend going?
3rd random fact about me, to make you understand just how utterly nerdish I am: my very first email address started with polly.baggins, since I was so much into LOTR! 🤓✨ Anyone else can relate? 📷✨ Photo by @ombrenelcielo
Random fact number 2: I have lived in Helsinki since August 2010, which makes this my 8th winter in Finland 🇫🇮✨ Speaking of Finland, happy 100th birthday, my cold-hearted friend! (I know it’s tomorrow, but since I won’t post then...) 📷✨ Another portrait of yours truly by talented @ombrenelcielo
This and the next two posts will be photos of me instead of photos taken by me: I thought I would share 3 random facts about Polly Balitro, just for fun! 👩🏻✨ 1) Not many people know this, but a friend once called me “Little Emotional Dinosaur” and that nickname stuck around because it was just too funny! 🦕✨ Photo by the very talented @ombrenelcielo 📷✨
Last but not least with beautiful @eeva.jpg 🍁✨ I can’t believe December is finally here! I hope you have a wonderful start of the month and a lovely weekend! 🙋🏻✨
My favorite of this series 🍁✨ I hope you will like it as much as I do! 📷✨
It’s all about golden leafy frames! 🍁✨ I hope you’re not bored of autumn colours just yet, because I am not! 😌✨
I hope you are having a lovely Saturday! 🍁✨ There were actually a couple of hours of sunshine today, which is so rare in November, so I am grateful for that! 📷✨