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Title: Clean Dishes
Earlier this month I was called upon for jury duty. While normally eager to perform my civic duty, I was agonizing in the disquietude that I would have to "12 angry men" style, give some impassioned speech against the concordant will of my peers, to spare some soul from unethical laws. I spent hours researching legal opinions and doctrine on "jury nullification". ⚖️ Only to find out the night before that jury duty was cancelled and I didn't have to appear.😝 But fate was in store. About a week later, another letter from the courthouse appeared. No longer Petit Jury duty, I was now called upon to possibly serve on a Grand Jury! The stakes raised. The gravitas escalated. No longer subverting some minor drug offence, now I would have to take part in history. To level some corrupted high official.🏛️ Turns out that got cancelled too, tonight. 😁

At this rate, next week, I may be bringing down the president. 😛

#juryduty (meticulously avoided photographing any personal info in this picture)
Oh just plooping out more content so people know I'm still alive, lol (Trouble is it's old stuff, but like Gandalf and the Balrog, once I'm victorious in the epic contest against depression, newer things will arise 👌🌱)
Progress on my "garden shed" wattle wall. (I'm not allowed to call it a fort cause then adults'll make me burn it down 😝) It's made of entirely of natural materials from the backyard, mostly dead goldenrod. All harvested with a little japanese kama ( hand sickle). It's in part a fun way to get fresh air and excercise, but it furthers my mission of proving no plant is "useless"
Heh, old "musically" video those kids got me to making. Back when I was young and cute 😛
For Dr. D W. ⚕

#singing #piano #hercules #disney #gothedistance
Another reason we cling to our material accumulations? We are frightened we may lose sight of all the the future plans we have for them.
I believe one reason so many of us humans struggle to be rid of our past accumulated "junk" (like, childhood toys). Is that we fear forgetting the joyous memories they revive
#parisintherain "Paris in the Rain (Sam Ourt Remix)"
It remains my opinion that beets are one of the most gorgeous vegetables of them all. 
Though the food processor and my photography besmirch thy inner crimson rings

#borschtingredient #beets
I have created a torch