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Bratislava in Slovak , it is fourth countries I visited in journey in all . 
this is worthwhile singular classic orchestra in winn. 
honestly I'm not familiar with Mozart as well as Beethoven and so on , inspite of it , I was something impressed by it to be speechless towards how it looked like .anyway it deserve to watch. the auditorium was not big to accommodate hundred ppl , however there were crowded .
Budapest in haungary. 
ブダペスト イン ハンガリー
なんとか、ウィーンに到着。足が棒のように疲れた!観光客多つ!まだ、新年一日やのに。I reached the my final destination called Vienna (wien) , I'm too exhausted to walk around while carrying heavy bag . 
however I have to still do my best I could so that I will never regret missing something important to me.
I went to Schloss Neuschwanstein to wake up early morning, inspite of that , when I arrived at the site , many tourist already waited in line for buying ticket, I managed to buy the ticket, however I had to keep on waiting for inception of tour for 4 hours at least on snowy condition. 
ノイシュヴァンシュタイン城 へ!
I managed to get to Myunchen, I'm so worn out to stay in train , Myunchen is so cold that I was likely to slip on the group by pretty frozen road. 
koln huge church is magnificent and so solemn!! I was so impressed by traditional architecture that ppl kept for long time. 
I finally got to Germany!!! it was so hard fight to endure the narrow seat, but it start my amazing journey from now !!
my close friend from Philippines, 
I love Philippines!!
I got the switch finally! 
I had waited for it for long time , craving literally !
thank for coming all the way from USA.  and we could enjoy the especially drinking.  セルジオの友達が、なんと、Los Angelesから!ケンドリック・ラマー、てか、おれの、wheat 発音が、weedらしい。
this my next trip, actually I'm planning to spend my end of the year in Germany for at least 10days, which is including in Australia!! that's exciting! 
this is what I want to brag!! 年末、ドイツとウィーン!