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We finally have ANOTHER lucky winner in our @beyondyourself_ f​ Golden Scoop contest! 
Congratulations to Patricia from Popeye's Supplements TriCities who found her Golden Scoop in a bottle of AMRAP and has won an all expenses paid trip to Malta 🇲🇹 !
Happy Valentine's Day from everyone at Popeye's Supplements ❤️ Here's a clever Valentine's gift idea for your chocolate lovers out there who are trying to stay healthy today 😂🍫 #PopeyesSupplements #Chocolate #ValentinesDay

We’re giving away TWENTY (20) boxes of the new SNICKERS & BOUNTY protein bars to celebrate the launch of the newest & HOTTEST bars on our shelves! 😍

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They have finally launched in store: the SNICKERS & BOUNTY protein bars! 18 to 19 g of protein ber bar! GET THEM FIRST in all Popeye’s Supplements locations across Canada. 🍫💙 Stay tuned for an exclusive giveaway for these new HOT bars…

Also… we know you’re not you when you’re hungry, so come grab your bars now at your nearest Popeye’s Supplements location! 👍
Yes! We got a winner for the Beyond Yourself GOLDEN SCOOP contest! -
Congratulations to Steven Poirier from Sherbrooke, Quebec. Found January 28th in a @beyondyourself_  Coconut Breeze AMRAP 🥥🍍
Tag someone who absolutely needs this device! And perhaps a bag or two of @eatsmartsweets 😂🍭
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Product B-R-E-A-K Down by @popeyesbc! Taking a closer look at how CLA, can help you with your goals 💊 
CLA is a extremely versatile supplement that can help no matter your current goal. How does it help with weight loss?
There are two main ways CLA is believed to help aid in fat loss.
The first is the reduction of lipid uptake into fat cells by inhibition of a specific enzyme called lipoprotein lipase. This mechanism is controlled by an isomer associated with CLA.
Second, CLA has the potential to reduce the accumulation of triacylglycerol in fat cells. Triacylglycerol is a blood lipid which enables the transfer of glucose and fat from the liver.
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What’s our mission at #PopeyesSupplements? That every customer leaves with a smile and with tools to improve their health and reach their goals! 💪😁
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