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OH HEY 👋🏻👀
Brighton based blogger.
Expect a whole lot of hair touching and brunch eating.
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Cheeky lil OOTD 🌞 Had a shoot day today and am so happy with the pics (alltheyayyys) whatcha been up to?
Fave thing to do right now is grab dinner and eat outside 🙌🏻🌞 How can you not when the weathers stillll this beaut. What’s ya fave summer dins rn? Gimme all the inspo !!
So apparently I’m always touching either my hair or feet in photos...lol, cute. ANYWAY, hope you’ve all had a gorge end to your week! I’ve got a weekend full of nothingness and I CAN’Twaitttt 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
HOI 👋🏻 Hope you’ve had a gorge day, if you’ve not already seen there’s a new post up on the ol’ blog! Lemme know whatcha think 👀🤟🏻
Have spent today writing blog posts on our balcony. Also managed to hang some outside lights, ooOooOo!! Gonna do a grand lights switch on tonight, make sure to tune in...Jokessss they were cheap AF and probs gonna be a #fail but all fingers are crossed incase they’re stunning 🤞🏻✨🤞🏻✨🤞🏻✨
No YOU’RE still in your pjs. 👀👀 Today has been one of those “I’ll just wipe this surface for five minutes” then BAM, four hours later I’m still deep cleaning my office kinda days. OhWELL. Office is looking FRESH. Now for a football & cocktail break. Wbu?🌞🤟🏻
This bag has pretty much not left my side all summer. Bezzie4lyf 💘 it’s from @wanderlustwaresuk oranges obvs not included. Lollll.
My two fave things right now. Being outside & my polaroid camera 👀👋🏻 HELLO me time. Obvs wearing all my faves from @theofficialpandora ✨✨✨ #DOPANDORA #PANDORAFriends #ad
Can’t wait to show ya all of my Seville pics 🤟🏻👀Have 100% caught the travel bug once again. Where’s top of your list rn?
So there’s a rumour going around that it’s gonna be 🌞🌞🌞 for the next two weeks. Can we get a HELLLAAAYAAAAA, all ma fingers are crossed rn🤞🏻💦
Shot some of my fave pics in a while today. Keep ya eyes peeled for a blog post on all things sunglasses coming soooooon 🌞👀🤟🏻
Not gonna lie, wish I was drinking a glass of fizz here right now. Instead I’m sitting on the sofa waiting for our takeaway to arrive. You win some, you loose some. #friYAY #takeawaywins✨✨✨✨✨