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Totally wishing I was born in 1993 right now cause HOW great is this jumper... ✨It’s from the new @cathkidston_ltd birthday collection, I mean what better way to celebrate a whole 25 years of my faves than by wearing them head to toe! You can check out the whole collection In store & online NOW !❤❤ #25yearsofcathkidston #ad
BRIGHTON || Even on a bad day looks good 🌧☀️
NEW HAIR 👋🏻 || VERY spontaneously decided to go for the chop & I LOVE it. Thank you to the ultimate babe @samanthacusicklondon you da best ❤️❤️❤️
DREAMing of a brunch like this & not the kinda cooked porridge I had before running out the door this morning... 🍴🥑👌🏻
THROWBACKFRIDAY (totally just made that up) to last week at the Redwoods Treewalk 🌳🌿 One of my fave experiences of the whole trip ❤️ @purenewzealand #NZmustdo #ad
AND just like that we’re home again ✈️👋🏻|| Already feeling a bit emosh looking back at all of our photos, WHAT an experience ❤️ & a huge ol’ thank you to @purenewzealand for showing us ~just~ how beautiful NZ is... we are absolutely obsessed. Now to tackle the jet-lag, bring it on !!
THIS day. This day was one of my absolute faves. Crazy beautiful & crazy relaxing = the perfect combo. ❤️❤️❤️ @purenewzealand #NZmustdo #ad
Plz can it be summer when we get home and plz can I wear every piece in this photo, okay fanx bye 🌞👌🏻💘
Forever “taking a break” to try and work out where the hell we’ve managed to walk to... #googlemapsforlife 💘
Shopping spots in Wellington got my heart like 💔💔💔SO friggin’ beaut || @iamena.co.nz
Breathing in that fresh air beebbyyyy 🏔🌤
Something AMAZING has happened on this trip... I think I might have, almost, maybe, gotten over my fear of small planes - YAY ! ✈️🤟🏻